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Monthly Archives: June, 2011

Fitzroy Rate Records 1958-1973

Do you live in Fitzroy and want to know more about the property you live in? Because now you can carry out your own research more easily by searching digital versions of the Fitzroy Rate Records 1958-1973. The records include information about the owner and occupier of a property, a brief description of the dwelling […]

A large balloon you say?

VPRS 777/PO Unit 7 Page 50Department of Meteorology Phenomena Report Correspondence Book IV There’s more to the collection of Public Record Office Victoria than wills and probate, shipping lists and inquests, as Agent 99 Lee Hooper writes. The interesting little article above was found pasted faithfully into the meteorological Phenomena Report Correspondence book number IV. […]

What Federation Square could have been

We could have had a giant crocodile for the banks of the Yarra, or one of a hundred giant kangaroos or koalas or even a Greek column taller than the Eureka Tower. Instead we have Federation Square. Missing the Mark, currently showing at Melbourne’s Old Treasury Building, imagines what could have been following the Victorian […]

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