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Monthly Archives: February, 2012

A Problem of Value

It is my understanding that one result applying the existing hardcopy disposal paradigm to electronic information and records is the actual loss of a significant proportion of digital records that have been identified as having “permanent” value. Without a change to the management of records, the retention/disposal of digital records will result in a “skewed” […]

Digital Records Degradation and Loss

All records are subject to forces that degrade accessibility over time.  These forces can be seen to operate in two major attributes; content and media.  An example of content degradation is language change.  While this can be sudden, experience for Western countries has been that language change has been slow and is measured in the […]

How many digital records might be need to be kept for ever?

The digital archive is established to store and manage digital records that are identified as having permanent value.  Permanent means that these records will be kept for ever as they have a value to the Victorian community over time.  Public Record Office Victoria holds a vast array of records created by Victorian Government departments and […]

Function of Hardcopy and Digital Records Reverses

In recent years paper has tended to become the media that facilitates business activity not the recordkeeping media. In this recent paradigm, information is created, managed and stored in the digital sphere, while paper is produced to read, markup and then to discard.   The digital original is retained in a shared or personal directory. This […]

How many records are created in the VPS

Maybe you like me have wondered how many digital records are created by the Victorian Public Service.  I’ve come up with a figure of 1.5 billion per year. Its pretty rough and ready, but this is how: Step 1.  Guessing the number of emails As a first step for estimating the number of digital records […]

A new accession of lands records

One of the most important things to remember about the PROV Collection is that new records are regularly added from Victorian Government agencies through out the State. In the year 2010-2011 alone, a total of 2,274 metres of records was received. Today all new accessions of records come with full documentation, including lists that can […]

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