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Victorian Archives Centre public opening hours

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(excl. public holidays)
The second and last Saturday of every month

Monthly Archives: July, 2012

Locating Our 1956 Olympic Games Legacy at PROV

Most of us are by now aware of the new facilities that have been erected in London for the 2012 Olympic Games, especially the urban renewal site that is now a park housing the main stadium, swimming pool and other facilities.  It appears the new facilities will join a number of similar and iconic specially […]

Is that a British, Foreign or New Zealand Shipping List?

The original recordkeeping system that was the unassisted shipping lists 1852-1923 revealed.    If you’ve ever used our unassisted inward shipping lists, or used the online index to them, you might have wondered why the lists are arranged into sequences from British, Foreign or New Zealand ports.   It has always been at the back of […]

Prisoners under Sentence of Hard Labour

  VPRS 519 is a single volume which records prisoners under the ‘Sentence of Hard Labour’ dating from 1847 to 1853. (Click on the image to enlargen.) It contains detailed personal information about the prisoners including personal histories and descriptions. Information includes: prisoner number; name; the name of the ship name on which they arrived […]

Public Record Office Victoria set to increase Ballarat’s historical links!

We have fantastic news for researchers with an interest in the Ballarat region. Public Record Office Victoria has recently increased the amount of records available to the public which relate to Sebastopol (VA 742). Among the new records are; • rate books • rate cards • change of ownership files • valuation notices • notices […]

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