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Monthly Archives: August, 2013

Leslie “Squizzy” Taylor – From the Archives (Pt5)

Episode five of Underbelly: Squizzy started off as a sombre affair, with Les and Lorna visiting the grave site of their young daughter June.  As Senior Detective John Brophy said, this is “not the natural order of events”.  At Public Record Office Victoria, we hold a selection of records about cemeteries, including some records created […]

Leslie “Squizzy” Taylor – From the Archives (Pt4)

The fourth episode of Underbelly: Squizzy was an eventful one!  We were to assume Squizzy had married Lorna and witnessed the birth and tragic death of their daughter June who at only eight months fell victim to the Spanish Flu epidemic. If you are looking to do some research in this area, certificates of Victorian […]

Great White Fleet – 105 years on

Record of the Month – August 2013 Great White Fleet – 105 years on On the morning of 29 August 1908, sixteen white-hulled battleships carrying fourteen thousand sailors and marines of the United States’ Atlantic Fleet steamed through the Rip and into Port Phillip Bay. The ‘Great White Fleet’, as this flotilla became known, had […]

Leslie “Squizzy” Taylor – From the Archives (Pt3)

In episode 3 of Underbelly: Squizzy last night we were taken on a roller coaster ride with Squizzy and his gang in Squizzy’s quest to rule Fitzroy. And didnt the shootout at the Railway Hotel where both Henry Stokes and Harry Slater were arrested have Squizzy crouching in a corner like a scared teenager?  This […]

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