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  1. The case against universal suffrage

    …chives Centre repository in North Melbourne is an enormous 1891 petition of some 30,000 signatures for universal suffrage. Informally known as the Monster Petition, its size makes it our most famous suffrage petition but as Collection Adviser Charlie Farrugia writes, there were cases for and against universal suffrage. VPRS 3253 Legislative Assembly. Original Papers Tabled in the Assembly 1856-1984, Unit 851 1891 Petition 254, WomenR…

  2. Women’s Suffrage Petition

    30,000 Victorian women signed a petition for their right to vote  in 1891. Visit our Wiki page and search the petition or even take part in adding to your own history. AusVELS (4-6) domains: thinking….

  3. Petition for Reprieve

    …gregations of people about town. One such fold has been reproduced here. It has been estimated that over 30, 000 signatures were collected for the petition, although if this is the case, not all the sheets collected have made it into PROV’s holdings. It was not, however, entirely unusual for a signature campaign to succeed so well. A petition organised in 1891 by Victorian women in support of womens suffrage collected 31,000 signatur…

  4. PROVguide 74: Women’s Archives Online

    …ite that links together historical detail, archival resources, published resources and current information about women in Victoria. The website, First Ladies: Finding Women in Public Record Office Victoria,, is an online guide to archival resources relating to women held at Public Record Office Victoria. Published material such as PROV’s Ten Victorian Women and the Australian Womens Archive Projec…

  5. Site Map

    …ce 2008 ‘Give to us the People we would Love to be amongst us’: Wanted! Honourable Gentlemen Italian Speakers on the Walhalla Goldfield: A Jewellery Manufactory in Melbourne: Landscapes of Abundance and Scarcity on the Northern Plains of Victoria ‘A lonely, narrow valley’: From Mental Hygiene to Community Mental Health: The ‘Monster Petition’ and the Women of Davis Street The Curious Case of the Wollaston Affai…

  6. State of the Goldfields

    …e Lieutenant Governor important information regarding the estimated population of each district, and the revenue secured from licences, fines and gold deposits – but gave little information on the increasing tension that existed between miners and local officials. Protest Begins From 1851, gold diggers from a variety of districts, particularly Bendigo, held regular meetings and signed petitions calling for a review of the gold licensing system an…

  7. Brought to Justice

    …e Melbourne Gaol. Back in Benalla, the euphoria of the last stand now gave way to feelings of tension as rumours started to circulate about trouble in the district. Threats against police officers and witnesses such as Thomas Curnow were taken seriously, and provisions were made for them to move. Questions were now starting to emerge over the conduct of the police and their indiscriminate firing at the Glenrowan Inn, which had been filled with wo…

  8. Victorian Women

  9. 8609-p28-unit4-image2

    Yarra River flood, 1891. PROV, Victorian Public Record Series 8609/P28, Unit 4, Image 2….

  10. Taming the River

    …ws of the Canal at Fisherman's Bend, August 1886 Dredging of Coode Canal, c. 1930 Yarra River flood, 1891 After a major flood in 1891 a Yarra Floods Board recommended the river be widened and deepened along its lower reaches. The Yarra Improvement Act 1896 enabled the Board of Land and Works to undertake major realignments between Princes Bridge and Church Street. Between 1897 and 1901, the Botanic Gardens Cut straightened the Ya…

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