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Search Results for: Ah Cheong

  1. 1013g4 v1.2 AH 20140722

    …1013g4 v1.2 AH 20140722…

  2. Ah_Choey_Prisoner_Number_23398

    …Photograph of Ah Choey, captioned ‘23398, Ah Choey, May 1893’, from VPRS 515/P0 unit 42, folio 82…

  3. James_Ah_Oun_Prisoner_Number_7911_(24597)

    …Photograph of James Ah Oun, captioned ‘7911, Ah Wan, March 1898’, from VPRS 515/P unit 44, folio 258…

  4. Goldfields Settler or Frontier Rogue?

    …ia. Endnotes 1. R Travers, Australian mandarin: the life and times of Quong Tart, Rosenberg, Dural, NSW, 2004, esp. pp. 9-11. 2. For an indication of the prominence of the Chinese in the community see L Kong Meng, Cheok Hong Cheong and Louis Ah Mouy, The Chinese question in Australia, 1878-79, FF Baillière, Melbourne, 1879. A more recent discussion of migrant networks in the Chinese diaspora is provided in A McKeown, Chinese migrant networks and…

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