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  1. Death, Decency and the Dead-House:

    …death in 1897. Attending the event were city and district pathology staff as well as some prominent medical gentlemen. Presiding over the festivities was James Edward Neild, lecturer in forensic medicine at Melbourne University, and a regular at the morgue dissecting table. Speeches were made, and toasts drunk, we are told, with ‘musical honours’. Clearly, the morgue was an institution that had a sense of its own past and identity. Me…

  2. Matron Grace Wilson on Lemnos. Image courtesy of Australia War Memorial

    Matron Grace Wilson on Lemnos.
    Image courtesy of Australia War Memorial

  3. The Search for a Certain Cure:

    …estions and issues it canvassed still resonate today in public debates concerning drugs and drug users. The Problem of Drunkenness By the late nineteenth century, Victoria’s social reformers, politicians and doctors agreed that alcohol, or more specifically, some people’s propensity to over‑indulge in it, was the cause of inestimable harm. ‘The problem of drunkenness and other social problems run into the other like the colours…

  4. A Jewellery Manufactory in Melbourne:

    …ourne were spent in business with other emigrants from Europe, firstly with Hayman Feldheim, then later also Abraham Berens, a relative, as importers and wholesale jewellers at 33 Little Collins-street west until 1859. Rosenthal then continued alone until 1871, when he, with a partner (see below), commenced manufacturing jewellery in Melbourne on his own account. 3 A jewellery manufactory was erected for him in 1872. The new manufactory, erected…

  5. The Trouble with Otway Maps:

    …open the Otways for agricultural selection, the department then published the third selection map of ‘Supplementary Grazing & Pastoral Areas’ (see image below),[34] and opened the area for selection on 17 November 1886 under the Land Act 1884.[35] Based on minimal survey data, the whole of the parishes of Weeaproinah, Barramunga, Wyelangta and Olangolah were opened for agricultural selection, together with parts of Aire, Krambruk…

  6. ‘The present depression has brought me down to zero':

    …32 the school received dozens of letters from parents pleading for leniency on fees they could not pay. The problem was compounded further when in 1933 the Victorian Government, under pressure to cut its education expenditure, decided to increase high school fees. The resulting decline in enrolments was dramatic. From 516 in 1930, student numbers at Northcote High School dropped to 406 by 1934 and the number of year 10 students more than halved….

  7. Keeping Order:

    …s had been raised about compromised public order and safety that the Victorian State Government attempted to implement a Motor Car Bill based on its English predecessor (1903). Wealthy motorists possessed power and influence, however, which contributed to the postponement of legislation until 1910. Additionally, parliamentarians were drawn from the same social class as motorists, and, in creating regulation, they were potentially regulating their…

  8. The Curious Case of the Wollaston Affair

    …ng family, John and Mary migrated to Western Australia where John was promised a ministry at a proposed new settlement on Port Leschenault. On arrival, however, he was dismayed to find he had to construct his own church before receiving any wages. He and his sons set about building a small wooden church with a thatched roof, which was consecrated in 1842. Colonial life suited John, and his personal qualities and dedication to missionary work led…

  9. The Royal Oak Hotel, corner of South and Raglan streets, Ballarat

    …h many of Ballarat’s hotels resisted the push for change, public drunkenness had become a significant problem and various groups campaigned in the interests of wives and children. The hotel trade received a boost in 1926 with the launching of the Ballarat Bertie beer label, featuring Bertie the cellarman. The advertising campaign to popularise Bertie was inspired, and the advertisements were large and varied. The reformers fought back by in…

  10. From Mental Hygiene to Community Mental Health:

    …tal HealthThis paper looks at some of the issues debated by government and psychiatry as they formulated and implemented mental health policy in Victoria during the past fifty years. It tells the story by picking up various themes along the way: the Mental Hygiene Authority and its role in mental health education; social psychiatry and anti-psychiatry; the administrative amalgamation of mental health into the Health Commission; and the entry of p…

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