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  1. Reading the papers: the Victorian Lands Department’s influence on the occupation of the Otways under the nineteenth century land Acts

    …ted non-compliance for any reason, or if a selector applied to transfer a holding, or wished to obtain a licence lien (a mortgage). Before the introduction of the regulation under the Land Act 1890 requiring s32 selectors to report on their improvements, bailiff reports were rare, but the new regulation resulted in a kind of stock-take for the Crown Lands Bailiff GB Silvester. In May 1892 he had over seventy-five selections to check and report

  2. ‘She had always been a difficult case …’: Jill’s short, tragic life in Victoria’s institutions, 1952–1955

    …ion from August 1955 not to fund a proposed research committee into juvenile delinquency. Although the Bolte Government failed to establish a research committee, it did set up a Juvenile Delinquency Advisory Committee, which reported in 1956. The Barry Report (named after the Committee Chairman John Vincent Barry) validated many of the criticisms made during the ‘Pentridge girls’ and ‘Jill’ crises. The report stated that Victoria’s institutions…

  3. Maroondah Reservoir Park:

    …ne 1926. [26] Metropolis: the quarterly journal of the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works, Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works, Melbourne, 1957, pp. 9 and 12, quoted in J McCann, ‘Melbourne Water Historic Places Report: A report of Melbourne Water and related places in the forests of the Central Highlands of Victoria’, prepared for the Australian Heritage Commission, Canberra, and the Department of Conservation and Natural…

  4. The case of Peter Mungett:

    …17;s anxious requests to receive appropriate representation.71 Between his sentencing in February and his appeal hearing in June 1860 further reports did not appear in the press. There was, however, a growing sense of unease reported when the appeal case progressed to the Supreme Court. The reportage of the trial took on the ever-more sombre tones of legal gridlock. Legal correspondents in June 1860 reported on the complexity of the case and the…

  5. From Mental Hygiene to Community Mental Health:

    …. 2 Mental Hygiene – Appointment of Members. 10. Age, 29 December 1951, p. 3. 11. Argus, 20 July 1951, p. 2. 12. Letter from EC Dax to WO Fulton, PROV, VPRS 6345/P0, Unit 421, Item 1094 Mental Health Advisory Committee Reports, 21 July 1952. 13. Mental Hygiene Authority Annual Report, 1955, p. 7. 14. EC Dax to Minister for Health, PROV, VPRS 6345/P0, Unit 86, Item 556 Mental Hygiene Information Bureau, 27 November 1952. 15. EC Dax, Asylum…

  6. Supplementary report on the arrest of the Kelly gang for the police gazette

    …Supplementary report re: The arrest of Ned Kelly and the death of Dan Kelly, Joe Byrne and Steve Hart   A6488 Supplementary for each case herewith J M Kelly S.C 1925 9/7/80 Benalla Benalla 9/7/80 For Mr Secretary with a report in each case. W. B. Montford Inspector Secretary Melbourne [10/7/80] It will be necessary to furnish a supplementary report in each case, in order to complete the Police gazette files. Will Insp. Montford be good…

  7. Chief Commissioner Standish reports re: pursuit of Kelly Gang

    …arding the outlaws. Transcript Image 79/Q293aDate 9 Jany Regd 10 C. C. PoliceConfidential report respecting pursuit of Kelly gang R3456a [End of page 1] VPRS 4969 Consignment P0 Unit 1 Item 22 Record 3 Document: Confidential report by CCP Standish report re: pursuit of the Kelly Gang Confidential       The Honble The Acting Chief Secretary Q2938a Police Department, Superintendents’s Office, Benalla 9th Jany 1879 My dear Sir…

  8. Police report on the killing of Martin Cherry

    …  arthur Hill Con. Maloney Daniel Mortimer and Patrick Delany the officer in charge Benalla [Mr Cherry. Cons: Bracken’s report 6/7/80] VICTORIA POLICE North Eastern Police District Glenrowan Station 6th July 1880 REPORT of Const. Bracken 2228 Relative to the Death of Martin Sherry I beg to report for the information of the officer in charge Benalla that I have this morning visited the prisoners named in the margin who were stuck up…

  9. Rescuing the Regent Theatre

    …ore it to its former condition, quite apart from the effect on the City Square project of leaving the Theatre where it is.29 Green commented that the Premier ‘would be prepared to reconsider his views if an appropriate report could be prepared’ regarding the two sites. After receiving reports from architect Sir Roy Grounds and other consultants, the Building Committee recommended in favour of the Snowden Gardens site. The Council…

  10. The Search for a Certain Cure:

    …d findings of the committee are from this collection. [18]. ‘Committee to report on certain alleged cures for inebriety’, remarks of the Chief Secretary to members of the committee, 20 December 1901. [19]. ‘Report of the Committee of Inquiry as to certain alleged cures for inebriety’, 9 April 1903. [20]. ‘Summary report of the Committee of Enquiry as to certain alleged cures for inebriety’, 6 May 1902. [21]….

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