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  1. Murder of James Scobie

    Documents Clicking on an image will open up a document in the PROV wiki in a new window. We encourage you to join the wiki and add your comments to the document discussion page using the contribute link. The events that unfolded on the night of 6 October 1854 only served to heighten the tension that was felt on the goldfields. James Scobie’s death and the manner in which the authorities dealt with the administration of justice…

  2. Witnesses to Kelly’s Execution

    …the neck until his body was dead.Dated this eleventh day of November A. D. 1880 at the Gaol of Melbourne Name Address Robt. Rede Sheriff J.B. Castieau Governor of Gaol Louis. Ellis Deputy Sheriff Fredk A. Winch Supt of Police Edwd. Barker MD F R C S Eng Henry. Glenny Justice of the Peace Mr. Biowup Reporter Daily Telegraph J. Middleton. Reporter Herald E.C. Martin. of Age Staff Grant. Oakley Anglo Australian Press James….

  3. Listings of police stations where photos of Kelly were sent

    …ice stations where photos of Kelly were sent 29/10/1878 Overview This list, compiled by the Detectives Office in Melbourne, is dated three days after the Stringy Bark Creek murders. It gives detail of the towns where photos of Ned Kelly were sent. The distribution of these lists was not restricted to Victoria’s north-east and were sent out as far as Adelaide and Sydney. Three months later, another list was to emerge due to the December hold…

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