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  1. The Kelly Family

    Ned Kelly The couple that would become the parents of the notorious Ned Kelly, John Kelly and Ellen Quinn, were married on 18 November 1850. At the time of their marriage, the pair lived in Beveridge, near Wallan. Their first child died in infancy and a daughter, named Annie, was born to them in 1853. The third of eight children and the eldest son, Edward (Ned) Kelly was born in 1854. Ned’s role in the family changed dramatically in 186…

  2. Glenrowan telegrams

    Kelly wounded VPRS 4967 Consignment P0 Unit 2 Item 18 Record 1 Document: Ned Kelly has three bullet wounds and armour is made of ploughboards 28/06/1880 Overview Recorded at 9.42 and addressed to Captain Standish, this telegram is just one of many which recorded the events as they transpired. This telegram reports that Dr. Nicolson, after having inspected Ned Kelly, concluded that the three bullet wounds he suffered were not fatal and that at c…

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