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  1. The Royal Oak Hotel, corner of South and Raglan streets, Ballarat

    …17;, Courier, Home Magazine, 24 September 2007, p. 12. 23. Peter Barnes, ‘Story of Bertie’s Ballarat Bitter’, Courier, Ballarat, 30 August 1980. 24. Max Harris and Peter Butters, Recollections: 20th Century Ballarat, Max Harris, Ballarat, 2003, p. 10. 25. ‘Introducing Bertie the Cellarman’, Courier, Ballarat, 24 April 1926, p. 11. 26. ‘Life has its tragedies’, Courier, Ballarat, 1 May 1926, p. 9. 27….

  2. ‘The most determined, sustained diggers’ resistance campaign’:

    …d they were by law secure from twelve months from this date. 51 According to newspaper reports, the petition was signed by seven Chinese in English and about 1,400 individuals in Chinese characters. 52 Forty-five influential Ballarat Europeans, including Ballarat’s Chinese Protector, William Henry Foster, supported the Chinese petition with a testimonial to their good character. 53 William Henry Foster, Ballarat’s Chinese…

  3. Playing the Ghost:

    …alues and the social order than to become a symbol of death (in some cases literally, given the high toxicity of phosphorescent paint) to terrify people beyond reason.   Endnotes [1] Argus, 5 June 1860, p. 5. [2] ibid.; Ballarat Star, 23 November 1861, p. 1. [3] Ballarat Star, 13 November 1861, pp. 2–3. [4] ibid. [5] ibid. [6] Ballarat Star, 3 September 1864, p. 2. [7] A cursory search through newspapers reveals many articles on the…

  4. The Curious Case of the Wollaston Affair

    …reet School, Ballarat in 1913, much as it would have appeared when Wollaston taught there between 1880 and 1884 and 1886 and 1905.‘Ruffians attempted to carry off the school tent’: a history of state education in Ballarat, Ballarat Times Office, Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, Victoria, 1974, p. 36 Edward was established in Ballarat. He never completed his university studies but he constructed a rich personal, intellectual and public life….

  5. Ballarat in 1916

    …(Municipal District 1855-1863; Borough 1863-1870; City 1870-1994) VPRS 13009/P1 Unit 48, page 134, Notice Papers and Reports to Council. Ballaarat (Municipal District 1855-1863; Borough 1863-1870; City 1870-1994) Visitors to Ballarat Ballarat, well known in many countries throughout the world for its long history of gold mining, continued to draw distinguished visitors to the city in 1916. One such occasion were officers of the Japanese Imperial…

  6. PROVguide 10: Ballarat Archives Centre Records

    …Act 1901 (Ballarat District Survey Office) (1885-1943) VPRS 15683 Register of Approved Applications, Ararat, Section 103 Land Act 1901 and Section 86 Land Act 1915 (Ararat District Land Office) (1908-1941) Surveys VPRS 4771 Ballarat and Ballarat East Town Allotment Survey Plans (1858-1938) Mining Records documenting the administration of mining, held at BAC include registers of residence areas, registers of claims, Courts of Mines records,…

  7. Uncover new treasures at Ballarat Archives Centre

    …ot be access to rate records or any other source of information available. Series Number Series Title Agency Units Available Date Range VPRS 7272/R2 Rates Cash Books VA 2098 Heathcote Waterworks Trust 1908-1953; VA 3996 Coliban Region Water Authority 1992- Units 1-2 1908-1953 VPRS 5633/P0 Consumer’s Ledgers VA 1018 Ballarat Water Commissioners (previously known as The Ballarat and Ballarat East Water Commissioners 1872-1880) Units 1-99…

  8. Merely Corroborative Detail:

    …tos drawn from PROV records constituted the research material for the re-creation of the 1857 Government Camp. Officers’ quarters, Sovereign Hill. Reproduced with permission from The Sovereign Hill Museums Association, Ballarat The Camp was the centre of colonial administration for the Ballarat Police District; it encompassed courts, judiciary, public administration such as business licences and health controls, police, military, gaol,…

  9. Digitised maps of Ballarat: Camp Street 1877 to 1887

    You can now find more than 400 maps of Ballarat online, including the newly digitised Ballarat and Ballarat East Town Allotment Survey Plans (VPRS 4771) . Ranging from the 1850s to the early twentieth century, among the collection you’ll find four nineteenth century plans of Camp Street providing a snapshot of the growth of Ballarat. PROV, VPRS 4771/P2 Ballarat and Ballarat East Town Allotment Survey Plans, Unit 211, City of Ballaarat Mair…

  10. ‘A’ is for Animals at the Melbourne Zoo

    Zoological Gardens The Tasmanian wolf as shown in Zoologica Volume II, Number 6 Mammals of Australia in the Zoological Park In this month’s archival snapshot, PROV’s Graham Herschell delves into the records of the Melbourne Zoological Gardens: Carnage at the Zoo: Jerboa savaged by Short Haired Flying Squirrel So might go the headline among the inhabitants of the Melbourne Zoological Gardens in November 1899. The poor Jerboa, a tiny jumping…

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