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Victorian Archives Centre public opening hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
(excl. public holidays)
The second and last Saturday of every month

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Air conditioning

Air conditioning is easily our biggest ongoing environmental impact, and has traditionally been thought essential to maintain the stable conditions necessary for the best care and preservation of physical records in the repository.

With the on site chillers at the end of their operating life PROV has embraced the latest technology when it comes to replacing them. The replacement chillers will be an energy efficient unit with magnetic bearings. These units use up to 40% less electricity than the chillers that they are replacing.

The first replacement chiller was installed at the end of February 2013. The next one is due to be installed by November 2013. The final two should be installed mid to late 2014.

Another initiative that PROV has invested in is Variable Speed Drives (VSD) for the air handling units (AHU). This allows the building management system (BMS) to vary the speed at which the AHUs run at. Whenever they are running at less than 100% we are saving on electricity usage.

As both these technologies are new to PROV we haven’t been able to table the full benefits in energy savings. When these figures are available we will post them on this site.