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Victorian Archives Centre public opening hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
(excl. public holidays)
The second and last Saturday of every month

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Cultural and linguistic diversity

Most of the records held by Public Record Office Victoria are in English, but Victoria is far from a monolingual community.

Information in translation

I servizi del Public Record Office Victoria – informazione in italiano

Die dienstleistungen von Public Record Office Victoria – informationen in deutsch

Web resources about Victoria’s culturally diverse history

Italian Speakers on the Walhalla Goldfield: A Micro-History Approach
An account of a small community of Italian-speaking immigrants on the Walhalla goldfields

Court records and cultural landscapes: Rethinking the Chinese gold seekers in central Victoria
Combines court records with archaelogical research to challenge some of the historical assumptions about the lives of Chinese in central Victoria’s goldfields

The Things that Unite: Inquests into Chinese Deaths on the Bendigo Goldfields 1854-65
Valerie Lovejoy reveals the voices of Bendigo’s Chinese immigrants through inquest records

Goldfields Settler or Frontier Rogue? The Trial of James Acoy and the Chinese on the Mount Alexander Diggings
Keir Reeves looking at the trial of James Acoy in a challenge to prevailing views about the Chinese in Victoria

The most determined, sustained diggers’ resistance campaign: Chinese protests against the Victorian Government’s anti-Chinese legislation, 1855-1862
Anna Kyi explores Chinese immigrant protests during the Victorian goldrushes, which were the most sustained miners’ protests of the period in relation to unfair laws

Finding the Chinese perspective: Locating Chinese petitions against anti-Chinese legislation during the mid to late 1850s
Anna Kyi details the available sources of petitions that can be used to research the protests of Chinese immigrants during the Victorian goldrushes

View our Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Plan 2012-15

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