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Victorian Electronic Records Strategy Case Studies

The Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) has produced a series of case studies to be used as a reference guide for innovative electronic recordkeeping practices. The case studies highlight the challenges, processes, technologies and achievements encountered when undertaking electronic recordkeeping projects and digital records transfers within Victorian Government. Small and large scale projects are featured […]

Victorian Electronic Records Strategy Standard Renewal – We are seeking your feedback!

Public Record Office Victoria is conducting a project to revise the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy Standard (PROS 99/007 ‘The management of electronic records’).   We are very interested in receiving your feedback on the proposals!    We are seeking comment from vendors in relation to both the Draft VERS Standards and Specifications and the Draft Tool […]

Structured Data

Background For some time, information management practitioners have been challenged by how to manage structured data over the long term.  You may find other blog entries relating to this topic interesting or even informative: If you don’t find these either interesting or informative, go to your favourite search engine enter the terms “structured […]

ORDA (Online Retention and Disposal Application)

A key activity being undertaken by PROV to support the development of Retention and Disposal Authorities is the implementation of an Online Retention and Disposal Application (ORDA). ORDA is a web based application developed by the State Records Office of Western Australia (SROWA) as a project of the Australasian Digital Records Initiative (ADRI). With ADRI […]

vive la différence!

For many years PROV has been promoting the importance of records and recordkeeping. We have highlighted such things as: The redevelopment of records management standards The achievement of VERS Stage 1 measured by an EDRMS implementation The ubiquity of records across varying formats and systems I understand that often the related promotional messages have been […]

ANDS Project at PROV

Back in November, I mentioned the work that PROV was undertaking on data release. Here is some detail to excite your interest. The Australian National Data Service (ANDS) Metadata Project will support the discovery, use and reuse of Victoria’s public records by exposing collection metadata on Research Data Australia’s website. Research Data Australia is an […]

A VERS project on Information Management

One of the projects that PROV is currently undertaking is a visioning exercise. In this we are considering information management within the VPS in 2017/18. Currently interviews and data are being collected and we expect that the report will be available early next year. In the meantime, you might be interested in the reasoning behind […]

Evidence of the benefits of Records Management

If you have time you might be interested in reading this report. PUBLIC ACCOUNTS AND ESTIMATES COMMITTEE, 112th Report to Parliament, Inquiry into Effective Decision Making for the Successful Delivery of Significant Infrastructure Projects, December 2012. You can find it with the following link: I was particularly struck with section 6.6 – Healthsmart, p130: […]

The year so far (Part 4) – Standards and Policy

The core aim of this program of work is to delivers s12 and s13 of the PR Act, that is assisting the Victorian government in delivering accountable and transparent government services. For this year are concentrating on five major work streams: 1. Maintain and Enhance PROV’s Standards 2. Review Policy Development Strategy 3. Deliver Key […]

The year so far (Part 3) – Government Recordkeeping

The core aim of this program of work is to provide services to Government which will ensure that a full and accurate record of Government is maintained and preserved for as long as required, that effective disposal authorisation standards and processes are established and that permanent records are identified and transferred to PROV when appropriate. […]

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