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ORDA (Online Retention and Disposal Application)

A key activity being undertaken by PROV to support the development of Retention and Disposal Authorities is the implementation of an Online Retention and Disposal Application (ORDA). ORDA is a web based application developed by the State Records Office of Western Australia (SROWA) as a project of the Australasian Digital Records Initiative (ADRI). With ADRI members being granted full and free access to the necessary code if they were to choose to adopt the application, PROV has embarked on the installation and implementation of the ORDA system.

To be utilised by PROV, Victorian Government Agencies and consultants engaged in the development of Retention and Disposal Authorities, we are exploring how ORDA will be used to satisfy our business needs, including to provide;
• a fit-for-purpose system to manage appraisal processes, from initial drafting of disposal authorities; their review and subsequent approval; and their cancellation as they are replaced in time by updated authorities
• a flexible and simple-to-use tool for external users when drafting their authorities and to leverage the efficiencies that a systems-based approach can provide (via drop-down options, linking to general authorities, etc.)
• a benchmark disposal decisions against a wider appraisal framework and to provide automated reports for such
• review authorities and provide feedback to external users via the system using tagged commenting fields
• external users with the ability to search existing disposal precedents as they develop their own authority, to assist informed decision-making
• the import of disposal authority data from third-party tools as well as export capability to support disposal within EDRMS
• reporting capability to track management of appraisal processes
• the ability to capture and store disposal authority data and to be able to use that data in different ways and for different purposes

We expect ORDA to be implemented at PROV in late 2013. Watch this space for further details!

David Brown

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