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PROV Recordkeeping Training

PROV has recently reviewed its training approach and is in the process of implementing a new training strategy. This will see a move away from delivering face-to-face training on general records management principles to an online model.

Online training delivered by PROV will:

  • Enable PROV to reach Victorian government agencies consisting of over 200,000 employees
  • Address location disadvantages; rural-based agencies will be provided with the same access to PROV’s training services as their metropolitan counterparts
  • Provide enriched content, including audio and video content, to address a range of learning styles
  • Be learner-centric; training can be undertaken when needed, repeated and worked through at the learner’s pace
  • Provide immediate feedback; learners can verify their understanding of concepts as they go

PROV is currently in the process of seeking quotations for the provision of a new online solution. This will involve both the creation and delivery of e-learning content for Victorian government agencies. In addition to providing online access to e-learning modules, it is envisaged that PROV will make content available to agencies on request. This will enable agencies with a suitable learning management system to tailor content to their own needs.

PROV will provide limited face-to-face training in the form of information sessions targeting specific service areas such as Transfer and Disposal of records. Engaging with small groups of agency staff undertaking these activities will enable PROV to provide timely instruction on processes and procedures and to interact and network with agency recordkeeping staff.

PROV will continue to engage with Victorian government agencies through a number of other networking and outreach activities, including the Records Managers Network (RMN), Records Managers Forum (RMF) and the Digitisation Community of Practice.

It is envisaged that face-to-face training on general recordkeeping principles and practices will continue to be delivered by training service providers. This will complement the e-learning modules and information sessions delivered by PROV.

2 Comments to PROV Recordkeeping Training

  1. Jo-Anne Baum's Gravatar Jo-Anne Baum
    November 7, 2012 at 11:21 am | Permalink

    Great idea and look forward to making use of this product – record keeeping is changing at a rapid rate and this will assist in maintaining a common standard to practice.

  2. Maree Hesketh's Gravatar Maree Hesketh
    November 7, 2012 at 2:20 pm | Permalink

    Please keep me informed of what is happening with this.