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The second and last Saturday of every month

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A Squizzy with Barry Dickins

Playwright, artist and poet Barry Dickins’ will recount his stories of the notorious 1920s Fitzroy gangster Squizzy Taylor at Old Treasury Building on Sunday 7 August.

Squizzy gained notoriety in 1920s Melbourne for race fixing, standover tactics and bootlegging, and for his flashy style of dress. He was linked to several high-profile murders. It was the time of the 1920s gang wars and criminal activities in Melbourne’s inner-city slums in the pre-Depression era.

Dickins will give a different perspective to this criminal as he recounts his own personal memories and encounters with Squizzy’s gang including the story of Squizzy’s fatal wounding in a shootout in 1927.

Records of Squizzys prison life are on display at the Old Treasury Building.

The Real Squizzy

Old Treasury Building
20 Spring Street, Melbourne
2pm Sunday 7 August
$5; bookings: 9651 2233 or

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