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Northern Health introduces semi-electronic scanned medical record system

Northern Health won the large agency category at the Sir Rupert Hamer Records Management Awards 2011 for their semi-electornic scanned medical record system known as the Client Patient Folder.

Northern Health consists of five sites with admissions and attendance at all locations constantly on the rise. As a consequence of this, management of medical records storage across all sites had become an issue, and a solution had to be found in regards to supporting the change model of care and readily being able to follow the patient as they moved through the health service.

To address these issues, Northern Health implemented a semi-electronic scanned medical record system known as the Clinical Patient Folder. In the last 12 months, Northern Health has seen the true benefits and outcomes of the implementation of this system, which have included:

  • Increased floor space within Health Information Services at all sites
  • Reduction in courier runs and costs between sites in the delivery of paper based medical records from 3 daily runs to 1, saving the organisation $30,000 per year
  • Printing and stationery costs reduced by $47,000
  • Concurrent access to patient information both across sites and within the one site
  • 24-hour medical record availability without the need to staff Health Information Services for 24 hours and after hours retrieval
  • Access to pathology and radiology investigation results in real time
  • Scanned medical records have reduced the rate of misplaced documents, the physical lifting of large multiple volumes and moving crowded compactus shelving to locate and file medical records.