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Prisoners under Sentence of Hard Labour


VPRS 519 is a single volume which records prisoners under the ‘Sentence of Hard Labour’ dating from 1847 to 1853. (Click on the image to enlargen.)

It contains detailed personal information about the prisoners including personal histories and descriptions. Information includes: prisoner number; name; the name of the ship name on which they arrived to the Colony; height; complexion; hair colour; eye colour; nose; mouth; chin; trade or calling; religion; year of birth; marital status; particular marks; and previous history. Note: In January 1853, a number of entries were made with no numbers at all, these men were all seamen. So if you are researching your family history or researching early penal history, this gem contains a lotof details about the prisoners sentenced to hard labour to the roads of the new colony.

Sandra Hopper Team Leader, Access Services

1 Comment to Prisoners under Sentence of Hard Labour

  1. Bernard Bolch's Gravatar Bernard Bolch
    July 16, 2012 at 11:19 am | Permalink

    Outstanding records: even though the man I was after wasn’t sentenced until 1855 (and given a ticket of leave three years later), I’d found his record at discharge previously, containing all of the above and a bit more — added immensely to my understanding of him.

    Great work!

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