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Victorian Taxi Directorate improving recordkeeping practices

The Victorian Taxi Directorate was awared a certificate of commendation in the Sir Rupert Hamer Records Management Awards 2011 for improving their recordkeeping practices.

As the taxi and car hire industry regulator, the Victoria Taxi Directorate is required to handle large volumes of records, mostly in hardcopy format and often containing personal or sensitive information. The Taxi Directorate manages over 150,000 Multi Purpose Taxi Program members and regulates 51,000 accredited drivers, over 3000 taxi operators, 7500 commercial passenger vehicle licences, and at any given time, manages almost 500 linear metres of active hardcopy records.

In mid 2008 management recognised a business need to improve the compliance and efficiency of the Taxi Directorate recordkeeping practices. After ongoing consultation, the project was launched in early 2009 with the objective of fostering a responsible recordkeeping culture capable of establishing and maintaining a single records collection through the use of TRIM.

2 Comments to Victorian Taxi Directorate improving recordkeeping practices

  1. macca's Gravatar macca
    May 28, 2011 at 5:51 pm | Permalink

    how can this be. The VTd do not have records of the licence holders nad this has been proved by the fact that 6 times they have at taken the same guy to court for breach of his sv licence details and their records are so bad they actually gave him the wrong licence conditions. 6 times, 6 lawyers, costs awarded once and all for $146

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