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Category Archives: Collection Management

Storage Management – Safety First

Accidents happen. We all know that, but how do we go about providing a safe work environment in an Archive housing close to 100 linear kilometres of records – an estimated 15 million individual records in various shapes and sizes – covering 12,000 square metres of repository floor space over two floors? It’s simple: lots […]

Australia’s Pleasure Land: Luna Park and other amusements at St Kilda

The 13th of December marks 100 years since the opening of Luna Park in St Kilda. In seeking to find records in our collection about this Victorian icon, I also located information about the range of amusements that were on offer well into the 1960s. I started my search by consulting the detailed survey plans […]

The origins of the Cup Day public holiday

At a racing themed party over the long weekend, my host ran a Melbourne Cup trivia quiz which included a question about when the public holiday was first held.  The answer given was 1877 and I thought it would be interesting to locate the relevant file in our Collection. First I conducted some background research […]

Copyright, Creators and Collecting Institutions: 2012 Update

On 23 August 2012, the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Media and Communications Law (CMCL) presented an update on their research program, Cultural Collections, Creators and Copyright: Museums, Galleries, Libraries and Archives and Australia’s Digital Heritage. Hosted by Professor Andrew Kenyon, Joint-Director of the CMCL, the session saw three speakers address legal and practical issues […]

What do those markings mean? Interpreting filing information on a key Ned Kelly record.

  On Saturday 18 August, the Shepparton Times published an article about a copy of Ned Kelly’s Euroa Letter from our collection.  This was loaned by PROV to the Robert O’Hara Burke Museum for use in the Ned Kelly Festival. I do not want my postings in this blog to be dominated by entries about […]

Ned Kelly’s burial wish

The Victorian Government recently announced that the remains of the bushranger Ned Kelly will be released to members of his family for burial. This decision is in accordance with Kelly’s wishes which was recorded in a letter held in the PROV Collection. The letter, dated 10 November 1880, is from the PROV Collection and is […]

Locating Our 1956 Olympic Games Legacy at PROV

Most of us are by now aware of the new facilities that have been erected in London for the 2012 Olympic Games, especially the urban renewal site that is now a park housing the main stadium, swimming pool and other facilities.  It appears the new facilities will join a number of similar and iconic specially […]

Is that a British, Foreign or New Zealand Shipping List?

The original recordkeeping system that was the unassisted shipping lists 1852-1923 revealed.    If you’ve ever used our unassisted inward shipping lists, or used the online index to them, you might have wondered why the lists are arranged into sequences from British, Foreign or New Zealand ports.   It has always been at the back of […]

Victoria’s Wartime Experiences as seen from the Home Front

In some respects, ANZAC Day can be a difficult anniversary for PROV to recognise.  After all, the armed forces are effectively agencies of the Commonwealth Government and so members of the public waiting to find service histories and other records about our military involvement will invariably start with our Commonwealth colleagues at the National Archives […]

Twelve months on from the Victorian floods

In early 2011, Rochester Historical Society, Charlton Golden Grains Museum and Skipton Historical Society were all affected by floods. Public Record Office Victoria provided assistance through volunteering in Charlton to help clean up and salvage objects, organising freeze-drying of flood-affected items at Steamatic and maintaining an online database of flood-affected organisations which was accessed by […]

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