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Category Archives: Government Recordkeeping

Recordkeeping standards & specifications: survey results

Recently we sent out a survey to our stakeholders seeking feedback on: the quality and usability of PROV’s Recordkeeping Standards, Specifications and guidance products how they can be improved how compliance with them can be increased. Thank you to everyone who responded. PROV intends to repeat this survey periodically to check that progress is being made and […]

Case studies in government recordkeeping

Are you interested to learn how Agriculture Victoria adopted an information management tool that allows a single point of contact to access all digital and physical records? Or maybe you’re keen to hear how the City of Casey embarked on an ambitious journey to transform information management across the organisation and move to paper independence?  […]

Expiring RDAs Review Project

In recent years, PROV has introduced disposal remodelling processes to better assist agencies in meeting their recordkeeping requirements. Measures have included: the simplification of the Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA) development process ensuring RDAs have wider application and inbuilt longevity. PROV has also recently undertaken a macro appraisal approach to identify significant functions of government […]

Report on IM maturity: Measuring, understanding and improving information management maturity in Victorian Government

In December 2015, the Victorian Auditor-General’s report Access to Public Sector Information endorsed PROV’s Information Management Maturity Measurement tool (IM3). It recommended that agencies assess and address their Information Management (IM) maturity using the IM3. On the back of this endorsement, the Information Management Maturity Assessment Program (IMMAP) was launched by PROV in January 2016. The […]

Request for Feedback – RDA for Records of Emergency Services Sector Function

The PROV Appraisal and Documentation Team invites stakeholders to review a new draft Retention and Disposal Authority for records of the Emergency Services Sector Function. The aim of the RDA, once issued as a Standard, is to specify records required as State Archives and to provide for the lawful disposal of records not required permanently after specified periods. […]

New Standard Setting and Organisational Performance Monitoring Functions RDA

A new Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA) is now available, PROS 16/06 RDA for Records of the Standard Setting and Organisational Performance Monitoring Functions.  Agencies are encouraged to consider this new RDA for use as it may partially or fully eliminate the need for your agency to develop an agency or function specific RDA, reducing […]

Unboxing the rules of storing public records with commercial providers

Where public records are no longer being actively used and managed, Victorian Government agencies may decide to store them in a commercial storage facility. Agencies can only store records with commercial storage providers which qualify as an Approved Public Record Office Storage Supplier (APROSS). The APROSS programme is managed by Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) […]

The next RMN to be held mid October

The next Records Management Network forum will be held at the Victorian Archives Centre, 99 Shiel St, North Melbourne on the 14th October 2016. This RMN program will feature some of the distinguished Sir Rupert Hamer Award public offices including Department of Education and Training, Agriculture Victoria and Wannon Water. Please RSVP by clicking on […]

Updated Capture Standard and Specification Released

In December 2015, Public Record Office Victoria commenced a review of the Capture Standard suite of documents.  Following consultation with voluntary stakeholders, we developed a staged approach for reviewing the documents.  As a result of the first stage, we’re pleased to release the updated PROS 11/07 Capture Standard and PROS 11/07 S3 Capture Specification. The revised documents […]

What do you think of our Standards and Specifications for government?

Some years ago, archives and records management professionals from across the Victorian public sector worked with PROV to develop a set of Standards and Specifications. These were then established by the Keeper of Public Records, Justine Heazlewood, as mandatory Standards under the Public Record Act (Vic) 1973. Since then PROV has been progressively reviewing the […]

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