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Completed projects

Each entry in the list below links through to our online catalogue, where you can browse the completed digitisation project.

VPRS 1/P0 Outward Letter Books, Police Magistrate (1836-1840)

Copies of the letters of William Lonsdale, first Police Magistrate in the Port Phillip District.

VPRS 2 Confidential Despatches to Governor Bourke (1836 – 1837)

Six confidential letters from Captain William Lonsdale, Police Superintendent to Governor Sir Richard Bourke in New South Wales.

VPRS 4/P0 Inward Registered Correspondence, Police Magistrate (1836-1839)

The corresponding letters to Lonsdale.

VPRS 6/P0 Outward Letter Books, Surveyor-General’s Department (1836-1856)

The Surveyor General organised the surveying of land in order to open it up for use or sale.

VPRS 20/P0 Inward Confidential Correspondence, Superintendent Port Phillip District (1842-1843)

Confidential correspondence primarily had to do with the sale of Crown lands and the appointment of a resident judge for the District.

VPRS 89/P0 Notifications of Pardons of Exiles (1844-1849)

Lists of ‘exiles’, or convicts who were to be pardoned on arrival in Port Phillip, on condition that they did not leave.


VPRS 90/P0 Day Book of the Native Police Corps, Narre Warren, Police Magistrate (1845-1853)

Records the troop movements, provisions, and daily activities of Native Police stationed at the Depot.


VPRS 117/P0 Outwards Letter Books, Immigration Branch (1849-1851)

These letters cover the arrival and settling of early immigrants to the colony.


VPRS 4771/P0 Ballarat and Ballarat East Town Allotment Survey Plans, Department of Crown Lands and Survey, Ballarat Division (1858-1938)

Nearly 400 plans showing the early layout and inhabitants of Ballarat.


VPRS 515 Central Register of Male Prisoners (1850 – 1948)

Detail from a prison register page.

The Central Register of Male Prisoners provides detailed information and photographs of ‘clients’ of the prison system. Records created within the last 75 years are closed to protect personal privacy.


VPRS 519/P0 Prisoners Sentenced to Hard Labour, Superintendent Port Phillip District (1847-1853)

A very early register listing prisoners, sentences and conditions.


VPRS 1396 Photographs of State School Buildings in Victoria (c. 1890)

Detail of photograph of Lee Street Primary School, Carlton, in the 1880sPhotographs of a selection of state schools, bound into presentation volumes.


VPRS 3457/P0 Photographs, Borough of Stawell (1909-c. 1970)

Images of Stawell and district transferred from Borough of Stawell records.


VPRS 3654 Registers of Vaccination, Registrar General (1857 – 1932)

Detail from Vaccination Register for Benalla district.71 volumes that show names of children and their parents and where and when the children were vaccinated.


VPRS 8159 Index to Defunct Hotel Licenses (1850 – 1977)

Detail from the card listing licensees of the Westminster Club hotel in BrunswickCard Index to estimated 4000 hotels made defunct by the Licences Reduction Board and the Liquor Control Commission between 1906 and 1977. Information includes name and location of the hotel and names of hotel owners and licensees.


VPRS 5517/P0 Duplicate Returns and Requisitions, Police Magistrate (1841-1856)

Details of the daily operations of the Police Magistrate and his staff.


VPRS 8360/P1 and VPRS 8361/P1 Melbourne Harbour Trust lantern slides (c. 1870s – c. 1960s)

Fire tender operated by the Melbourne Harbour TrustA small collection of lantern slides with images dating from c. 1880 to c. 1950 used by the Harbour Trust for presentations.


VPRS 9553/P1 Rate Records, Box Hill City Council (1863-1994)

Detail from a rate and valuation card used by the City of Box Hill to record property ratesA partnership with the Box Hill Historical Societyto digitise records made between 1937 and 1947 that are not available on microfilm. Digitisation complete, records available shortly.