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Victorian Archives Centre public opening hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
(excl. public holidays)
The second and last Saturday of every month

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Past recipients

wilam naling small grants 2007-08
Western Suburbs Indigenous Gathering Place:
Aboriginality in the West
Identify, collect, transcribe and catalogue records on Aboriginal Australian history in the western metropolitan region of Melbourne.
Koorie Resources & Information Centre (KRIC):
KRIC archiving project
Index and file records within their collection that span an 18-year history of Aboriginal community development work. The filing system will eventually enable the community to access these records.
Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-op:
Wathaurong family picture history
Collate family and community photos, cataloguing and digitising material, enabling families to access material and preserve family/community history.
Casterton & District Historical Society:
Development of Aboriginal Archives within the museum
Develop an Aboriginal archive section within their museum to improve awareness and access to the records within their collection.
Tati Tati Aboriginal Co-op:
Tati Ancestry
Research Tati ancestry and history, identifying tribes and providing communities with access to the compiled history at their cultural centre.
Kooramyee Cooper / Reconciliation Victoria:
Indigenous Family History through Kinship
Utilise a collection of government records and indigenous community knowledge to create a database of indigenous genealogies that will help reconnect families and help individuals/communities understand the complex kinship system.
Wentworth Historical Society:
Identifying Aboriginal records held within Wentworth shire library and historical society
Design and print brochure that will identify Aboriginal resources available within the Wentworth Historical Society and Wentworth Shire library collection. The brochure will be distributed throughout schools, libraries, genealogical/historical societies and Aboriginal organisations.
Mildura Aboriginal Co-op BTH Program:
Indigenous community library (Tracing Your
Family History)

Purchase of equipment to be used in the library to collect life experiences from regional tribes in our catchment area. Information being collected would include oral history from elders of the tribal area, photographs of families, and recording of family stories in both electronic and handwritten form to create an overall story that will be kept in the local history section of the Mildura Aboriginal Co-op’s library.
Mildura & District Genealogical Society Inc:
Koorie Records Identification project
Purchasing a computer and cataloguing software to identify Koorie records held within Mildura and District society’s collection. Once located/highlighted the records can be utilised to build a picture of Koorie family history in the Sunraysia area.
Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust:
Bung Yarnda
This project will identify the pictorial history of Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust from its origins as a mission station in the mid 1800s. Once completed community and students will be able to utilise the collection for personal or local history.
Kirrae Health Service Inc:
Making Framlingham history accessible

Currently the history of Framlingham is housed in various boxes spread over a number of buildings. This project will catalogue and archive this important history enabling community members to access this rich resource of material. This project will also allow outside people/organisations having access on a case by case basis.
Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-op:
Digitisation of photographs, images & documents
This project will protect and file all memorabilia that has been accumulated through our services. We also want to record visual history of events, milestones and history within the Rumbalara community. This will help to capture history and preserve it for future generations, which will greatly benefit schools, historical societies and local community members interested in learning about local Aboriginal history.
Libby Clarke:
Preserving Koorie Culture

Supported by Koorie Heritage Trust

The project will preserve 18 years of family history research, including a collection of over 3,000 photographs of Koorie families and a collection of family trees specific to the western district. Copies of the material will assist the Koorie Family History Service and Native Title Unit in their research.