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Melbourne Zoo and You:150 years

Melbourne Zoo and You: 150 years is an online story on the Culture Victoria website created by Public Record Office Victoria. The story is made up of photographs from the collections of Public Record Office Victoria, State Library of Victoria and Melbourne Zoo. The accompanying text for these images tells the story of Melbourne Zoo over its 150 year history. This online story explores the Zoo’s transformation from its early days of collecting and displaying species for public viewing to its current role in fighting extinction through local and global breeding and conservation programs.

Melbourne Zoo and You: 150 years provides students with access to digitised primary sources in the form of photographs, which provide ways of visually understanding changes in people’s treatment, understanding and relationship to animals and conservation over the past 150 years.

This story can be incorporated in to learning experiences about the protection and care of the natural environment on a local, national or global level, changes in environments over time, human impact on the environment, historical issues surrounding the treatment of animals, as well as ways to take action to improve environmental issues. Curriculum connections as well as classroom ideas for grades 5-8 students are available to accompany the Melbourne Zoo and You: 150 years online story.