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Information Management Maturity Measurement Tool – IM3 Tool

On 29th November 2013, at the Records Information Management Professionals Australasia, State Seminar, the Public Record Officer Victoria (PROV) launched its newly created Information Management Maturity Measurement, titled the IM3.

The IM3 is designed for staff in Victorian Government agencies to assess the level of development of Information Management (IM) strategies and practices with in their organisation. It has been developed by PROV to assist government staff to negotiate the complex requirements of today’s IM environment.

Results from this assessment can be used to:

• Identify strengths and weaknesses in information management
• Prioritise areas of information management in the organisation that need attention
• Link to relevant WoVG documents, standards and guidelines
• Assist in setting goals for information management capability and skills development
• Support a case for resources or initiatives to improve information and records management.

The IM3.guides users through a series of 17 assessment questions based around four information management characteristics:

• People
• Organisation
• Information Lifecycle and Quality
• Business Systems and Processes

User’s answers to each question, denotes a level of maturitry ranging from Level 1: Unmanaged to Level 5: Proactive.
Assessment results are generated in graph and tabular format and accompanied by a ‘Developing Information Maturity in Your Organisation’ document which can be utilised to identify ways to develop particular information management characteristics.

As PROV is committed to the efficient management of public records and information, it would be greatly appreciated if organisations using the IM3 tool were able to provide PROV with user feedback and a copy of their assessment results. Information provided would be kept confidential and used for the purpose of continuously improving the IM3 tool.

For further information contact David Brown, Assistant Director, Government Services, PROV

or click to access the IM3 tool

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