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Social Media

Recordkeeping Policy: Social Media contains the policy directives regarding the capture and disposal of records resulting from social media use.

Recordkeeping Policy: Social Media (PDF)

Public officers create records when using social media as part of their duties.

Records resulting from social media use must be captured in a timely manner, as it is not guaranteed that they will remain available, even in the short term. Records must also preserve the context in which the social media usage was made.

Requirements for record creation, control, storage and disposal contained in the PROV Recordkeeping Standards are not media-specific and, also apply to social media.

An overview of what to consider when capturing social media posts is provided in the below Fact Sheet.

 button_fact_small Social Media FS 1: Capturing Records of Social Media Posts

The Recordkeeping Policy: Social Media was developed in accordance with issues determined by and feedback received on the Recordkeeping Implications for Social Media Issues Paper.

Recordkeeping Implications for Social Media: Issues Paper (Word)
Recordkeeping Implications for Social Media: Issues Paper (PDF)

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