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Strategic Management

Strategic Management standards and advice are concerned with the formulation, implementation and evaluation of an agency's records management strategy.

Standards, specifications, guidelines, fact sheets, advices, forms and endorsed tools relating to the strategic management of public records.

Standard Strategic Management PROS 10/10  
Specification Strategic Management PROS 10/10 S1  
Guideline Records Management Policy PROS 10/10 G1  
Guideline Managing Records of Outsourced Activities PROS 10/10 G2  
Guideline Key Performance Indicators PROS 10/10 G3  
Guideline Writing a Business Case PROS 10/10 G4  
Guideline Records Management Strategy PROS 10/10 G5  
Guideline Records & Risk Management PROS 10/10 G6  
Guideline Stakeholder Engagement PROS 10/10 G7  
Fact Sheet Recordkeeping Responsibilities for Heads of Department & CEOs PROS 10/10 F1  
Fact Sheet Recordkeeping Responsibilities for Public Sector Employees PROS 10/10 F2  
Fact Sheet Recordkeeping Responsibilities for Volunteers PROS 10/10 F3  
Advice Health Records & Public Records PROA 5  
Endorsed Tool Records Management Checklist VAGO  
Endorsed Tool Australian Standard on Records Management AS ISO 15489                            

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