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Victorian Archives Centre public opening hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
(excl. public holidays)
The second and last Saturday of every month
We will be closed on Monday 26 January for the Australia Day Public Holiday

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Format for Electronic Records

The Victorian Electronic Records Strategy specifies a standard format for the management of electronic records known as PROS 99/007. The latest standard was published in July 2002.

The PROS 99/007 format for electronic records:

  • is generic but extensible, to work in conjunction with existing recordkeeping and business practices
  • ensures that all records are stored in a documented format, to enable viewing of records in the future, regardless of the system that created them
  • specifies methods to automate the capture of records from desktop and business systems
  • specifies ways and forms in which to capture and encapsulate information about records to ensure that they will be understood in context in the future
  • details a method for securing records so that any changes are detectable

Digital information that is not stored in an appropriate format, system or repository may become unusable. VERS prescribes a method to ensure that digital information will remain:

  • Locatable or discoverable
  • Viewable, readable or interpretable
  • Modifiable or reusable
  • Able to be published
  • Reliable as evidence
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