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Sustaining VERS

In 2005 PROV established the Sustaining VERS program. This program was funded by an Expenditure Review Committee bid and was limited to ten inner budget agencies. Sustaining VERS produced a maturity model to deliver VERS across the Victorian Government identified three significant stages:

Primary Capability will be achieved when all agencies implemented an electronic document management system capable of creating VERS Compliant Objects (VEOs).

With the establishment of the Sustaining VERS program, the VERS Centre of Excellence was absorbed into PROV’s main organisation and a regime of consultancy resources was established. This regime provided the resources and guidance to Government Departments to ensure that they could achieve Primary Capability.

A 2008 Issues Paper identified that while Stage One of the Sustaining VERS Program may be said to have been concluded, some departments indicated that they had not implemented fully compliant EDM/ERMS and therefore had not fully achieved Stage One. However, the VERS Steering Committee agreed that PROV should commence work on preparing for the delivery of Stage Two, as the majority of departments had sufficient momentum to achieve Stage One without further assistance from PROV.

In VERS Stage Two PROV will focus from “high value” records (ie: historically significant records), to offer greater support for high risk and highly sensitive business processes that require greater capability to manage (ie: structured data and confidential information). Greater tailoring of VERS advice to support current and future government agency electronic information storage and transfer requirements will continue to strengthen PROV’s position in a digital information management leadership role.

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