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Self Certification

Download form PRO 47 Statement of Compliance

Vendors vary in their use of minor and major product releases – both in terms of numbering systems used and their definitions of what may constitute a major or minor functional change for that product. In some cases the term ‘patch release’ is also used to refer to interim releases.

For the purposes of VERS Compliance the key focus is on changes to the product that may in some way impact on the product continuing to meet the minimum compliance requirements set down in the five Specifications of the PROS 99/007: Standard for the Management of Electronic Records.

It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure that new versions of their product continue to be compliant with the VERS Standard. A new version of a VERS Compliant product must be tested and re-certified if changes have been made that may impact on the product’s continued compliance. Vendors may submit a Statement of Compliance in lieu of testing where changes made to a new version do not affect the product’s VERS compliance.

Click here to download PRO 47 Statement of Compliance

Statements of Compliance can be submitted to

Important Points to Note:

  •  By self-certifying a new product version by submitting a Statement of Compliance, the vendor is assuming full responsibility for that version continuing to meet the minimum requirements of the VERS Standard.
  • Products subsequently identified as not meeting VERS compliance requirements will be identified in PROV communications.
  • A Statement of Compliance should be signed by a person with appropriate responsibility for the product (for example, a product compliance manager or senior developer).
  • Public Record Office Victoria reserves the right to make Statements of Compliance available for viewing on the VERS website.
  • Public Record Office Victoria reserves the right to request an audit check of a VERS compliant product at any time.
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