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  1. What Happened to the Camels of the Burke and Wills Expedition?

    Provenance: The Journal of Public Record Office Victoria, issue no. 9, 2010.ISSN 1832-2522. Copyright © Donna Bourke. by Donna Bourke Donna Bourke was raised on a property near Nathalia, in Northern Victoria. She completed a Bachelor of Education/Librarianship degree and embarked on a career teaching secondary school boys in Melbourne and Canada. Then, at a time of life when many are consolidating their careers, Donna and her partner left their…

  2. Informazione in Italiano

    Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) – Archivio di Stato del Victoria Il Public Record Office Victoria (noto con la sigla PROV) è l’Archivio di Stato del Victoria. Il PROV conserva documenti e atti pubblici che risalgono alla metà del 1830, epoca in cui venne costituito il governo del Victoria, fino ad oggi. Gli archivi vennero creati da dipartimenti governativi, tribunali statali, municipalità, scuole, ospedali civili e altri uffici pubbl…

  3. PROVguide 8: Ordering Inquest Records

    …rdering Inquest Records This PROVguide outlines how to order inquest records for viewing in Public Record Office Victoria’s reading room at the Victorian Archives Centre.  Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) holds records of inquests and other kinds of coronial investigations held in Victoria from 1840 – 1985.  For information about accessing Coroner’s records created after 1985, please contact the Coroners Court of Victoria In…

  4. Ned Kelly, His Head and Me

    …pondence relating to Kelly, now online as VPRS 4965/P2, and providing assistance to research conducted by Museum Victoria regarding the fate of the Kelly armour. Over the last decade or so, scarcely a year has passed without something relating to Ned occupying a portion of my time. The enormous academic and legal interest in the Kelly story occupies a lot of my time because Public Record Office Victoria holds the world’s largest accumulation of…

  5. Remonstrances from certain inhabitants of Bendigo, VPRS 1095/P Unit 4, Bundle 1 no. 21 (January 1855)

    This resolution from Bendigo dated January 1855, documents the diggers’ disillusionment with the government’s behaviour over the whole matter of Eureka, and specifically with the decision to try men for treason. It strongly recommends a general amnesty of those involved….

  6. Bendigo Reform League call for the abandonment of the State Trial, VPRS 4066/P Unit 2, March 13 1854

    This resolution from diggers in Bendigo, dated 13 March 1855, strongly criticises the government’s handling of the State Treason Trials, and the ‘unbecoming desire for vengeance’ which this conduct demonstrated….

  7. East Street

    East Street on the PROV WIki…

  8. PROVguide 18: Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

    Family History – Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Certificates of Victorian births, deaths and marriages, can be obtained from the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, for a fee.  The Registry’s contact details are: Street Address 595 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria Postal Address PO Box 4332, Melbourne, VIC 3001 Telephone (Australia) 1300 369 367 (within Australia for the cost of a local call) Telephon…

  9. A Case of Arson:

    Provenance: The Journal of Public Record Office Victoria, issue no. 11, 2012.ISSN 1832-2522. Copyright © Mary Daley. by Mary Daley Mary Daley, in her retirement, is undertaking history research as part of a Masters Degree at La Trobe University. When learning how to work in the records at PROV, Mary found the story of the fire at Steiglitz amongst the files of capital crimes. As a fifth-generation Victorian with relatives currently living close…

  10. Making Their Case:

    …hood, wife desertion and colonial welfare makes a convincing case for the influence of mothers on the shaping of Victoria’s child welfare systems. [1] Through some political activism and to a far greater extent by presenting their cases in the courts, mothers were able to show that Victoria needed a system to support children whose male providers had failed them. The Neglected and Criminal Children’s Act 1864 marked the beginnings of that system,…

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