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  1. Family and Social History in Archives and Beyond

    …gate concluded that Mary Stainer, aged sixty, late of Regina Coeli Hostel, 149 Flemington Rd, North Melbourne, … died from the effects of injuries received on the 18th day of April 1942 at Flemington Rd near Abbotsford Street North Melbourne in Victoria when she was accidentally knocked down by an electric tramcar. Some of the evidence that he had heard included a comment from John Richard Barry, a passenger on the tram, who reported:…

  2. ‘Doing their bit helping make Australia free’: mothers of Aboriginal diggers and the assertion of Indigenous rights

    …Australian Archives, Victorian Regional Office, Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra, 1993 and the recently published follow-up guide, walata tyamateetj: A guide to government records about Aboriginal people in Victoria, Public Record Office Victoria and National Archives of Australia, North Melbourne, 2014, which can be accessed online as a PDF at…

  3. ‘… From squalor and vice to virtue and knowledge …’: the rise of Melbourne’s Ragged School system

    …rents and often sourced toys such as balls, bats and on one occasion a rocking horse.[65] According to documents held at PROV the school moved location several times in its early years, and is listed at various times in Earl Street, Duke Street and Eastbourne Street, all of which are in the same block between Hornby and Chapel streets. One of its last relocations placed it in a cold and draughty 24 by 36 ft brick hall at 45 Eastbourne Street….

  4. Historical maps, geographic information systems (GIS) and complex mining landscapes on the Victorian goldfields

    …orth invested private capital to create complex mining water systems, and they held more than half of all the water rights licences issued in Victoria during the main mining period.[4] Other large, private water providers in Victoria included the Bendigo Water Works Company and the Lal Lal Waterworks Association.[5] Correlating archival maps from Beechworth with modern topographic and cadastral maps (known as geo-referencing) using a…

  5. Nichola Cooke:

    …lopment of Melbourne, p. 613. 28. Robert D Boys, First years at Port Phillip, Robertson and Mullens, Melbourne, 1935, p. 83. 29. Cannon, p. 634. 30. LJ Blake, Vision and realisation: a centenary history of state education in Victoria, Education Dept of Victoria, Melbourne, 1973, vol. 1, pp. 3-5. 31. Royal Historical Society of Victoria, m/s 17620, Letters from Melbourne, 7 December 1839. 32. PROV, VPRS 42/P0, Unit 1, Item 1, Copy of late John…

  6. ‘In future, only female teachers’:

    …bourne, to FA Hagenauer, Secretary, Board for the Protection of the Aborigines, 4 October 1898. [2]. C Bowden, ‘The East Gippsland region’, in LJ Blake (ed.), Vision and realisation: a centenary history of state education in Victoria, Education Department of Victoria, Melbourne, 1973, vol. 3, p. 1073. [3]. An exception is Amanda Barry’s PhD thesis, ‘Broken promises: Aboriginal education in south‑eastern Australia, 1837-1937’, School of…

  7. Playing the Ghost:

    …On the night of Wednesday 29 May 1895, two young ladies were approached by a spectral figure clad in black robes, with arms and face covered in phosphorescent paint. This individual frequently patrolled the area around Sturt Street and Dana Street in Ballarat attempting to harass young women. A search of newspaper articles from this period indicates a wide-spread proliferation of ghost hoaxing, referred to as ‘playing the ghost’, between the…

  8. The surveying career of William Swan Urquhart, 1845-1864

    …cres (12.5ha) fronted both Glenferrie and Auburn roads and contained five brick villa residences, each consisting of six rooms and a kitchen. 61 He purchased his Hawthorn allotment in 1850 but never lived there. 62 In 1885 a street, appropriately named Urquhart Street, was constructed through the allotment. However, the spelling of Urquhart caused a policeman such difficulty that when a horse died in the street, the policeman who attended the…

  9. Mud, Sludge and Town Water:

    …perties in the main street, Albert Street, which had a number of substantial shops, hotels and other public buildings: The town consists of a main street – Albert-street – of great width, of an anabranch entitled Victoriastreet, and of two or three little-used cross thoroughfares. We stroll through it, and return with a general impression of people who have not too much to do, of Chinamen and Chinese stores, of heavy boots, jumpers,…

  10. Court records and cultural landscapes:

    …pers. 17. See for example ‘The Chinese Museum tenth anniversary issue 1985-1995’, The Journal of the Museum of Chinese Australian History, no. 1, 1995. The main Chinese- Australian museums and heritage centres in Victoria are the Bendigo Chinese Association Golden Dragon Museum, the Gum San Chinese Heritage Centre at Ararat, the Beechworth Chinese Cultural Centre and the Museum of Chinese-Australian History in Melbourne….

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