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Victorian Archives Centre public opening hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
(excl. public holidays)
The second and last Saturday of every month
The Reading Room will be closed on 2/Oct for the public holiday.

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walata tyamateetj: A guide to government records about Aboriginal people in Victoria

Public Record Office Victoria and the National Archives of Australia hold many government records about Aboriginal people in Victoria.  This guide is designed to help Victorian Aboriginal people find records about their family and country. It will also assist anyone researching the history and administration of Aboriginal affairs in Victoria to find relevant records.

This publication can also be downloaded in an electronic version:

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Footprints: The journey of Lucy and Percy Pepper

Archival records can help Aboriginal people connect with their histories, trace the experiences of ancestors and learn about the times and places in which they lived. Footprints reveals the story of Lucy and Percy Pepper who were affected by laws and government policies that defined who was ‘Aboriginal’ and who was not in early twentieth century Victoria.

This extraordinary story of the fight for family, war and survival is told through correspondence between Percy and Lucy Pepper, government officials and Aboriginal administrators. The letters now form a part of the collections of the National Archives of Australia and Public Record Office Victoria.

Through telling the story of the Peppers, this best-selling publication illustrates many issues that Aboriginal families faced in early twentieth-century Victoria.

Format Epub – this is an ebook in epub format and requires a compatible ebook reader application on a portable device (such as iPad, other tablet computer, Kindle or Kobo), or on a laptop or desktop PC.  For laptops and desktops, there are many ebook readers available for download – for example, a free ebook reader that you can download and install easily is FBReader.

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Lands Guide

The Lands Guide: a guide to finding records of Crown land at Public Record Office Victoria provides a comprehensive reference for accessing records relating to Crown land in the State of Victoria.  Combining a history of land administration with case studies and detailed ‘how-tos’, the Lands Guide provides assistance for a wide range of research interests.

The Lands Guide is available as a PDF download from this shop.  Printed paperback and CD ROM copies can be purchased from Gould Publishing.

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