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Victorian Archives Centre public opening hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
(excl. public holidays)
The second and last Saturday of every month

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PROVguide 11: Public Records in Local Communities

Records Information – Public Records in Local Communities 

This PROVguide provides an overview of public records that are held in collections around Victoria.  Public Record Office Victoria (PROV), in partnership with local heritage organisations has established a network of collections of public records around Victoria.  Over 100 of these community archives have been appointed as Places of Deposit or PODs, under the Public Records Act 1973, which authorises them to hold public records of local significance; many of which would not normally be kept permanently by PROV as part of the state archives.

Local collections – Places of Deposit

A range of historical societies, museums and genealogical organisations around regional and metropolitan Victoria have been appointed to hold temporary public records in their collections.  PROV works with these organisations to support them in caring for public records, providing access to them and authorising the transfer of public records into their collections.  

This Victoria-wide network is growing steadily.  You can browse a list of Places of Deposit on the PROV website. To find out more about the POD program, subscribe to our electronic Places of Deposit newsletter at

Hopetoun and District Historical Society
Appointed as a Place of Deposit 14 March 2007

Photo courtesy of Margaret Sawyers






Becoming a POD

To ensure the appropriate level of care for Victoria’s public records PODs must meet minimum storage and access requirements. Higher storage and access standards are required for PODs that hold permanent public records, such as the Bendigo Regional Archives Centre and the Geelong Heritage Centre.  PROV, through its Community Archives Program, can provide advice to organisations about meeting these standards.  Find out more about becoming a Place of Deposit by reading the POD Information Kit available on the PROV website.

Bendigo Regional Archives Centre

The Bendigo Regional Archives Centre (BRAC) holds records created by private bodies and Victorian government agencies located in the Central Goldfields region of Victoria.  The collection includes local government and court records and also private collections and business records.   BRAC holds a mix of permanent and temporary public records and became a POD in 2007.  The Centre has been established through a collaborative partnership between Public Record Office Victoria, the City of Greater Bendigo and the Goldfields Library Corporation.

BRAC opening hours

Wednesday and Thursday (except for public holidays)

1pm – 5pm


First Floor, Bendigo Library

Goldfields Library Corporation

251 – 259 Hargreaves Street



03 5449 2700



Public records at Bendigo Regional Archives Centre
Appointed as a Place of Deposit 21 December 2007

Photo courtesy of Lauren Bourke



Geelong Heritage Centre

The Geelong Heritage Centre holds an extensive range of public and private records, newspapers, maps, plans, photographs, catalogues, indexes and a substantial library relating to the Barwon region of Victoria.  The collection includes permanent and temporary public records.  The Geelong Heritage Centre was one of the first PODs established in Victoria. 

See the Geelong Heritage Centre website for their opening hours, contact details and services:

Accessing public records at Bendigo and Geelong

Public records held by the Bendigo Regional Archives Centre and the Geelong Heritage Centre can be searched for on PROV’s online catalogue.  To view records, visit the centre in which the records are located and place your order, as record orders cannot be made online. 

For information on searching for public records see PROVguide 20 Searching for Records Online.

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