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Private Search Agents

Research Organisations – Search Agents

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) provides a range of services and resources to assist members of the public with their research. PROV however, does not provide a research service. Researchers may wish to engage a professional search agent to undertake research at PROV on their behalf.

Listed below are the names and addresses of organisations and individuals who can be contacted to undertake research of this kind. These organisations have made themselves known to PROV and the list is therefore neither exhaustive nor necessarily up-to-date at any given time, as it depends on the accuracy and currency of information provided to PROV. This list does not indicate any form of accreditation or recognition by Public Record Office Victoria. All conditions and fees for service must be negotiated directly with the search agent chosen. All such dealings are outside the influence and responsibility of Public Record Office Victoria, its constituent sections or its individual officers.


*Australasian Association of Genealogists and Record Agents Incorporated

Att: the Secretary, AAGRA

GPO Box 4401, Melbourne VIc, 3001



Professional Historians Association Vic (Inc)

PO Box 1223, Carlton VIC 3053

Tel: (03) 9348 9188

Email: (Att: Employment Officer)


Ballarat & District Genealogical Society

PO Box 1809,

Ballarat Mail Centre, VIC 3354



Family and local history in the Ballarat area. Collections regularly searched: Ballarat Archives Centre (PROV), Ballarat Library, including the Australiana room (CHRLC), and the Ballarat Mechanics Institute Library.

Architectural Research Group

8 Kanowindra Crescent, Greensborough VIC 3088

Tel: (03) 9432 1606; Mob: 0423 172 290


B.A.S., U.C.T. (1988); B.Arch., RMIT (1998); Royal Australian Institute of Architects, Vic. Archicentre Accredited Architect.

All aspects of architectural research undertaken. Historical searches on private houses, commercial and industrial properties, architects, architectural development.

Special Interests: architectural history (especially twentieth century).  Other interests include architectural detailing, building methods and techniques, sourcing of materials, establishment of land use and other Council requirements.  Familiar with most architectural collections.

Archival Access Victoria



Genealogical and historical research including wills and probate, inquests, school records, history of houses, shipping and immigration lists, court records and rate books. Collections regularly searched: PROV, SLV. Free research quote provided on receipt of an email enquiry.

Sticks Research Agency

Tel: +44 7944 046 057



Family, local and house history researched, free research quote provided on receipt of an email enquiry. We use local researchers throughout Australia, but connect to a worldwide network for overseas research requirements (for example collections relating to passenger lists, trial and transportation records and biographical resources at The National Archives, UK and local record offices, as well as collections in Ireland).

Born & Bred Historical Research

PO Box 739,

Brunswick Lower VIC 3056



Over 8 years combined historical research and archival experience as employees at PROV and the Geelong Heritage Centre. We provide local, national and international historical and genealogical research, including Will and Probate files, Inquests, Immigration, Education and Land records. We offer simple and in-depth family trees and a unique family narrative service. Contact us for more information.


Ms L Andel, 33 Minerva Avenue, North Balwyn VIC 3104

Tel: (03) 9859 8012


BA (Hons.) History

Genealogical and historical research; special interests: Victoria and Tasmania, particularly Tasmania 19th century; Victoria 1850s-1880s.

Collections regularly searched: PROV, NAA, SLV, RHSV, AIGS, Registrar General, La Trobe University Library.


Peter Andrew Barrett, Suite 1303, 31 Spring Street, Melbourne VIC 3000


Tel: (03) 9639 2646; Mob: 0429 429 064


Qualification: MA Architectural History (University of Melbourne)

Special interests: Genealogical and historical research including wills and probate, inquests, history of houses and other buildings, shipping and immigration lists, rate books.

Collections regularly searched: PROV, NAA, SLV, RHSV, Melbourne University Archives.


Abigail Belfrage, The History Dept.


Mob: 0405 527 770


Qualifications: MA Public History, Grad Dip Cultural Heritage Management, BA Hons History. Member of: Professional Historians Association Vic, Australia ICOMOS, Royal Historical Society Victoria.

Research areas; I have nine years archival experience working at PROV and can research across the collection. I specialise in family & local history, land & property, education, business, MMBW, Public Works Department and Chief Secretary’s records.

Services: Archival research and copying of records in Victorian collections, especially; PROV, NAA and SLV. I offer research coaching to support you in your research.


Dr Helen Doyle, 178 Poath Road, Hughesdale, VIC 3166

Mob: 0419 528 994


PhD, MA Public History;

Member of Professional Historians Association, National Trust Gardens Committee, RHSV

Family and local history, special interests: Western District of Victoria, Irish settlers, land records, public buildings, inquests, wills and probates.

Collections regularly searched: PROV, NAA, SLV, RHSV, Melbourne University Archives.


*Mr Peter T Gill, 2 Mernda Avenue, Ashburton, VIC 3147

Tel: (03) 9885 2203



BA, BEd.

Genealogical and historical research; special interests: family and local history, Australian Births, Deaths & Marriage indexes and biographies, passenger lists, shipping and immigration records, wills and probates, inquests, cemetery records and memorials, educational, schools, land records, electoral rolls, public buildings, sporting history.

Collections regularly searched: PROV, SLV, NAA, plus other major repositories.


Ms Helen D Harris, OAM, 40 William Street, Box Hill, VIC 3128

Tel: (03) 9890 9288; Fax: (03) 9890 3340



Master of Arts (History). Member Professional Historians Association; Hon Life Member AIGS.

Genealogical and historical research; special interests: police, criminals, courts, goldfields.

Collections regularly searched: PROV, SLV, and Police Historical Unit.


Lynn Humphreys, 38 Goulburn Street, Yarraville VIC 3013

Tel: (03) 9332 4755


Genealogical and historical research; special interests: Port Phillip District (prior 1851), mining, patent, probate and immigration records.

Collections regularly searched: PROV, GSV, SLV, RHSV.


Anna Jeffries
Tel: 0408 787 592

Bach. Film & Television Production (University of Melbourne – Victorian College of the Arts)

Private research covering immigration, probate and property archives. Experience also includes Naval and press/media research, and documentary story and character research.

Collections regularly searched: PROV, SLV, NAA, NFSA & all image/footage libraries.


Mr Don Jewell, 37 Glenalva Parade, Cannons Creek, VIC 3977

Tel: (03) 5998 7734 (answering service); Fax: (03) 5998 7734


Genealogical research; special interests: general genealogical research Australia (particularly West Gippsland Victoria); and British Isles (particularly Cornwall).

Collections regularly searched: PROV, SLV, local specialist collections, GSV records.


*Ms Sue McBeth, PO Box 136, Hampton, VIC 3188

Tel: (03) 9598 0435; Fax: (03) 9598 0365



BSc. Member Association of Professional Genealogists.

Genealogical research; Probate genealogy; special interests: tracing beneficiaries of estates worldwide.

Collections regularly searched: major collections Australia and New Zealand and worldwide.


Mr Peter Matthews, 8 Vickers St, Kialla VIC 3631

Mob 0427 330 132



Qualifications: Dip Ed, B Ed, Grad Dip Ed Admin, Member of GSV.

Genealogical and historical research; special interests: schools, country Victorian towns, wills and probates, cemetery records.

Collections regularly searched: PROV, SLV, GSV, NAA, AIGS, AWM


Mrs Helen Pfann, PO Box 306, Somers VIC 3927

Tel: (03) 5983 5311


T.S.T.C. Dip FHS

Family and Local History Research.

Collections regularly consulted: PROV, SLV, GSV, AIGS, LDS and land records at Registrar-General Dept.


Mrs Elizabeth Roberts, PO Box 75, Bacchus Marsh VIC 3340

Tel: (03) 5367 1521


Genealogical and historical research: special interests: family and local history, school records.

Collections regularly searched: PROV, SLV, NAA, GSV, AIGS.


Brian Tseng, 28 Creswick Street, Footscray, VIC 3011

Mobile: 0403 322 761


Qualification: BA (Hons) History

Special interests: Genealogical and historical research; land and building record search; Chinese migrants; shipping and immigration records; ratebooks.

Collections regularly searched: Land Title Office Victoria, PROV, NAA, SLV, RHSV, Melbourne University Archives.


Ms K Twigg, 9 Myrtle Street, East Brunswick, VIC 3057

Tel: (03) 9388 2414


MA (Public History). Member Professional Historians Association; National Trust Expert Buildings Committee.

Historical research: particularly business/organisational, church, child welfare and local histories. Heritage issues also researched.


*Mrs Anne Young, PO Box 122W, Ballarat West, VIC 3350

Tel: 0420 665 308



Grad.Dip., M. Litt. Local & Applied History (UNE)

Member Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) and Australasian Association of Genealogists and Record Agents (AAGRA)

Family, military and general historical research; special interests: goldfields family history.

Collections regularly searched: PROV (Ballarat and Melbourne), SLV, GSV, NAA, Australian War Memorial and National Library of Australia


* AAGRA Accredited Searchers or Organisations



AAGRA: Australasian Association of Genealogists & Record Agents

AIGS: Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies

CHRLC: Central Highlands Regional Library Corporation

GSV: Genealogical Society of Victoria

Dip FHS: Diploma in Family Historical Studies

SAG:  Society of Australian Genealogists

SLV:  State Library of Victoria

PROV:  Public Record Office Victoria

NAA:  National Archives of Australia

MU:  Melbourne University

LDS:  Latter Day Saints

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