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Victorian Archives Centre public opening hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
(excl. public holidays)
The second and last Saturday of every month

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PROVguide 21: Ordering Records

Online Catalogue – Ordering Records

This guide provides information relating to the ordering of physical records on Public Record Office Victoria’s (PROV’s) Online Catalogue, and how to manage your Order History, and Alerts.  Wherever you go on PROV’s online catalogue, you can click on the Help icon to see detailed information relating to the page that you are currently using.

Records can be ordered from the following catalogue pages:

  • Search Results
  • Series, Consignment, Unit and Item Details pages
  • My Orders: History
  • My Orders: My Alerts
  • Direct Order
  • Ordering Wills and Probate
  • Ordering Inquests

You will need to register and log in to order physical records.  See HOW TOguide 19 for information on registering as a Public User Account.

See HOW TOguide 29 for information about ordering Wills and Probate Records. 

See HOW TOguide 8 for information about ordering Inquest Records.

Order-able Records

Access restrictions are applied to certain classes of records, in accordance with the Public Records Act 1973.  Records may be closed for various reasons, with the most common being personal privacy and preservation.  The access classification of records is displayed in the Access field (to the right hand side of record description and date details) in lists of records such as a Search Results page, and in the Public Access field on Series, Consignment, Unit, Item and Sub-Item Details pages on PROV’s online catalogue.

If you hold a Public user account you can view contextual information about open and closed records in PROV’s collection.  However, you cannot order records that have been closed to public access.

You can order 8 records per delivery, up to 24 units or items out at any one time.

Accessing your orders

The location of the repository (either North Melbourne or Ballarat) will be shown on the Location field of a Search Result on PROV’s Online Catalogue, and cannot be changed. 

Victorian Archives Centre

The Victorian Archives Centre (VAC) is open from Monday to Friday and the second and last Saturday of each month, 10.00am – 4.30pm.

Records are delivered to the VAC reading room twice per day, at 10.30am and 2.30pm.

To receive records at these collection times, records must be ordered before:

  • 8.00am to make the 10.30am collection time
  • 11.30am to make the 2.30pm collection time

There are up to 8 units or items per delivery for each researcher. Records are held in the reading room for 10 working days before being returned to the repository.

Please note: records held in cold storage require 24 hours before they can be delivered to a reading room.

Ballarat Archives Centre

The Ballarat Archives Centre is open from 9.30am – 4.30pm on Monday and Tuesday.  Records are delivered to the reading room at the Ballarat Archives Centre throughout the day. 

Your user account – your records

Records will be issued only to the person who has ordered them.  Written authorisation must be provided to enable someone else to view the records you have ordered send this via our online enquiry form or provide a copy to the person to bring with them into the reading room.

The person viewing records on your behalf will need to present photo ID to reading room staff when requesting records for viewing.

Ordering from a Search Results page

After performing a successful search or browse of the collection, a Search Results or Browse Results page will be displayed.  (See PROVguide 20 for information about searching online.)

Ordering from a Details page

You can order directly from a Series, Consignment, Unit and Item Details page.  These are pages that contain contextual information about records held by Public Record Office Victoria.  For instruction on ordering from a Details page please see HOW TOguide 21.

Ordering from My Orders: History page

You can order records directly from your My Orders: History page.  This is a page that contains a list of records that you have ordered previously, and that have been returned to the repository.  Use the same steps outlined in HOW TOguide 21 for ordering from a Search Result page or from a My Orders: History page.

Direct Order

If you know the Series, Consignment, Unit and Item details of records you wish to order, you can enter these into the Direct Order page. You can order at either Unit or Item level by switching between the available tabs beneath the Series and Consignment fields. Direct Order can also be used to bulk order multiple units from the same Series.

For instruction on making a Direct Order, including ordering multiple units or items from a series, please see HOW TOguide 21.

Ordering from My Alerts

If you try to order a record that is currently on order by another user, an Order Status page will be displayed.  From here, alerts can be placed on any records that are orderable, but currently unavailable.  When the record becomes available for ordering, the alert will appear in your My Orders: My Alerts page.  The record can be ordered from this page.

Further Information:

For instruction on viewing, placing or cancelling alerts, as well as ordering from your My Alerts page, please see HOW TOguide 21.

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