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PROVguide 53: British Post World War II Immigration

Transport – British Post World War II Immigration

This PROVguide outlines the main record series held at Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) relating to assisted immigration schemes for British immigrants to Victoria after the Second World War.  At the time of Australian Federation, responsibility for non-British immigration and naturalisation passed from the colonial governments to the Commonwealth.  However, monitoring immigrant arrivals did not become a Commonwealth responsibility until 1924.  Apart from the records referred to in this PROVguide, passenger lists created from 1924 onwards are held by the National Archives of Australia.

Assisted immigration schemes for British residents flourished between 1906 and 1930 and again after World War II. From 1906 to 1923 administration of assisted British immigration and nomination schemes for Victoria, including overseas promotion and supervision of selection, continued to be largely a state responsibility. From 1923 to 1983 such schemes were jointly administered by the State and Commonwealth governments with the Commonwealth taking sole responsibility in 1983.

During the period 1947 to 1983 substantial numbers of British immigrants arrived in Victoria under the provisions of the various immigration schemes and agreements. Among the state’s responsibilities was the processing of personal, employer and state nominations.  For more information about the history of the administration of 20th century immigration schemes in Victoria, and related records, see the entries for VF 138 Immigration (Twentieth century), VRG 90 Immigration II and VRG 68 Immigration and Ethnic Affairs on PROV’s online catalogue.

Selected series held at PROV

VPRS 5978 Sponsor/Applicant Schedules 1947 – 1979

Each entry in the register contains the name, address, age, marital status and occupation of each nominee at the time of their application. The register also records the relationship of the nominee to the nominator, employment arrangements and accommodation arrangements in Australia, together with the name, address and occupation of the nominator. Entries are in nomination number order. The register is not indexed.

VPRS 5979 Shipping Nominal Rolls 1947 – 1976

This series consists of around two or three separate passenger lists per ship.  The lists are arranged chronologically by the arrival date of the ship and on each list the immigrants are listed alphabetically by family name. For each immigrant the following information may be given: nominee’s number and name, the name and address of nominator, accommodation, transport on dispersal, religious denomination and occupation.

VPRS 5980 Air Flight Nominal Rolls 1954 – 1979

The air flight nominal rolls are arranged chronologically by flight date. They provide advice to the State Immigration Office of migrants arriving on flights from the United Kingdom. The rolls mostly record each migrant’s name, date of birth, religion, profession, destination, date of arrival and flight number. There are occasional references to the nominator and to accommodation arrangements. The amount of information recorded varies considerably over time.

VPRS 5981 Central Card Index to Sponsors of Migrants 1946 – 1983

The cards are in alphabetical order by family name of the nominator, and contain the nominator name and address together with the name of the individual or family group being nominated for sponsorship.

VPRS 5982 Card Index to Migrants 1946 – 1983

The cards are arranged alphabetically by the family name of the individual or family group nominated. For each nominee their name and age are given and if the nomination was successful, an arrival date and ship name or flight number. The name of the nominator is recorded together with the date of nomination.

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