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Victorian Archives Centre public opening hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
(excl. public holidays)
The second and last Saturday of every month

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Our Publications

Public Record Office Victoria produces a range of print and web-based publications about the how to research different areas of the archive, as well as an annual history journal called Provenance. For up-to-date news,  subscribe to our newsletters today. 


Copy of Provenance Issue 13 2014 V1


The Provenance journal is released in November each year with research articles exploring Victoria’s hidden history. The articles showcase work that draw on PROV records and range from true-crime through to landscapes and typography. 

The purpose of the journal is to foster access to PROV’s archival holdings and broaden its relevance to the wider Victorian community. 

Read the 2015 edition
Read previous editions


his home cover

Historic Homes Research Guide

Researching historic homes through public records. 

PROV holds a wide variety of records for researching buildings and properties in Victoria.

Are you embarking on renovations and want to pay respect to your home’s heritage? Maybe you’re just keen to find out who built the house or who lived there long before you did?

This research guide, developed in collaboration with Ballarat City Council, provides an introduction to what government records can reveal when trying to discover the hidden history of a home. 


Walata Tyamateetj - a guide to government records about Aboriginal people in Victoria.

walata tyamateetj

A guide to government records about Aboriginal people in Victoria.

walata tyamateetj is the latest publication from Public Record Office of Victoria’s Koorie Records Unit. walata tyamateetj meaning ‘carry knowledge’ in the Gunditjmara language of western Victoria is a guidebook offering a detailed listing of Aboriginal public records held in Victoria. This guidebook hopes to improve access to government records about Aboriginal people, families, communities and culture.

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To download an e-book version on Amazon click here 

To read a free flip-book version online click here

To request a free copy of this publication please email

Finding Your Mob

Finding Your Mob

Researching Aboriginal family history at the Victorian Archives Centre.

Public Record Office Victoria’s Koorie Records Unit  has produced a booklet for Aboriginal people researching their Victorian family history.  The booklet describes the types of records held in the collections of both Public Record Office Victoria and the National Archives of Australia.  It offers advice about how to get started with family history research and explains the Koorie Reference Service available to Aboriginal people. 

To view a copy of Finding Your Mob online click here

If you would like a printed copy please contact

Footprints cover

Footprints: the journey of Lucy and Percy Pepper

Archival records can help Aboriginal people connect with their histories, trace the experiences of ancestors and learn about the times and places in which they lived. Footprints reveals the story of Lucy and Percy Pepper who were affected by laws and government policies that defined who was ‘Aboriginal’ and who was not in early twentieth century Victoria.

Format Epub – this is an ebook in epub format and requires a compatible ebook reader

A free ebook reader that you can download and install easily is FBReader.

This Epublication is available from the following online retailers: Kobo , Itunes



Private Lives, Public Records

Navigating your way through PROV’s collection for family research.

Family history can be a labyrinth. Trace your own story with confidence by following the basics of establishing your family tree, using our helpful tips and shortcuts, and reading family history case studies. For seasoned travellers, as well as those just starting out, this book is brimming with information about popular and less well-known records on immigration, land and housing, education, employment, health and legal issues. It also provides tantalising glimpses of other paths to explore.

Private Lives, Public Records can be viewed online here



Lands Guide

The Lands Guide is a guide to finding records of Crown land at Public Record Office Victoria.

This guide provides a comprehensive reference for accessing records relating to Crown land in the State of Victoria. Combining a history of land administration with case studies and detailed ‘how-tos’, the Lands Guide provides assistance for a wide range of research interests.

The Lands Guide is available as a PDF download. Printed paperback and CD ROM copies can be purchased from Gould Publishing.

To view some key land records for Victoria click here

To view this online and download a PDF version go to this guide


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