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Lands Guide

Researching records of Crown land in Victoria

The Lands Guide is an indispensable finding aid for anyone doing research into Victoria’s land records.

It caters to a wide range of research interests, whether you are wanting to find out about the lives of your ancestors or information about the history of land in a particular location.

Sample Parish Plan

How to read a Parish Plan

1862 Lands Act Map This 4.5 by 6 metre map was created to show the land released for selection under the 1862 'Duffy' Lands Act

Contents List for VPRS 44/P An item-level list of the contents of this series. This version of the contents list contains information not found in the Item Details for VPRS 44 in our online catalogue.

List of Parish and Township plan numbers This list of Parish and Township plan numbers can be used to search for specific parish and township plans in VPRS 16171 Regional Land Office Plans Reference Set. Help on accessing these digitised plans can be found in PROVguide 30: Parish and Township Working Plans.

List of Townships proclaimed under the Land Acts of the State of Victoria

List of Parishes in the State of Victoria

Changes to Parish/ Land District assignments Many parishes were reassigned from one land district to another over the course of time. Consequently files relating to land in a parish might be found more than one land district classifications in the records. The list will identify which classifications should be searched.

To view this research guide online and download a PDF version  click here to view it as  flip book 

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