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Buildings and Land

Start your research here to find out more about a house, property or building.

Public Record Office Victoria holds a wide range of records that document the administration of Crown lands in Victoria, historic plans and building plans.


Do you want to research your Historic Home?

 Consider reading a handy online guide (right) to various government records in Melbourne and Ballarat which will help you research your historic home. Historic Homes Guide.


Do you want to find information such as correspondence, plans or other material relating to a public building?

Try the Index to Public Building Files then order via Access the collection using the VPRS NO and UNIT number to view in our Reading Room.


Do you want to find plans created by the Building Services Agency between 1853 and 1998?

Try our Index to Public Works Department Plans then order via our online Application for Viewing Microfilm BSA Drawings to view in our Reading Room.


Do you want to search the Historic Plan Collection for plans created between 1836-1984?

Try our Index to Historic Plans, take down the number and view on microfilm within our Reading Room.

Available to those seeking information on land records is access to the online Parish and Township working plans in VPRS 16171.  The series contains digitised copies of parish and township working plans, as well as closer settlement, land settlement, soldier settlement, county and other miscellaneous working plans.


Sample Parish Plan                                   How to read a Parish Plan

1862 Lands Act Map This 4.5 by 6 metre map was created to show the land released for selection under the 1862 ‘Duffy’ Lands Act

Contents List for VPRS 44/P An item-level list of the contents of this series. This version of the contents list contains information not found in the Item Details for VPRS 44 in our online catalogue.

List of Parish and Township plan numbers This list of Parish and Township plan numbers can be used to search for specific parish and township plans in VPRS 16171 Regional Land Office Plans Reference Set. Help on accessing these digitised plans can be found in PROVguide 30: Parish and Township Working Plans.

List of Townships proclaimed under the Land Acts of the State of Victoria

List of Parishes in the State of Victoria

Changes to Parish/ Land District assignments Many parishes were reassigned from one land district to another over the course of time. Consequently files relating to land in a parish might be found more than one land district classifications in the records. The list will identify which classifications should be searched.

FORM: Application for Viewing Microfilm BSA Drawings
PUBLICATION: Buy the Lands Guide
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