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Court Records

0 NPublic Record Office Victoria holds the records of many Courts. The most commonly accessed court records are:-

  • Supreme Court of Victoria (VA 2549) 1852-current
  • Registrar of Probates (VA 2620) 1960-current
  • Master in Equity, Supreme Court (VA 2624) 1852-1948
  • County Court (VA 686)1852-current
  • Court of Insolvency, Melbourne (VA 2304) 1871-1928
  • Licensing Court of Victoria (VA 2955) 1917-1954
  • Children’s Court (VA 4597) by 1942-current
  • Melbourne Children’s Court (VA 4190) 1907-current
  • Coroners Courts (VA 2263) 1840-1986

*Many of these records will be subject to closure under S9 of the Public Record Act 1973.

There are also other types of court records held by PROV and the most valuable of these to researchers are:- Divorce records, Wills and Probation Administration Files and Civil Court Records.

PROV also holds the records for many courts in various localities throughout Victoria. To discover what records are available for a particular court (e.g. Sale), click on the “Advanced Search” box under “Searching” in our Online Catalogue   select the Agency button, type “Sale” in one of the fields and click on “search” and a list of Sale Agencies will appear. Select the link for Sale Courts (VA 4009). A page will be displayed which allows you to discover all the Sale Court records held by PROV.

Public Record Office Victoria also holds some fascinating records relating to insolvency (an organisation or individual’s inability to pay their debts in full).

We have a number of online indexes to help you with your search:

Are you looking for records showing information on individuals or companies that received certificates of discharge in Melbourne between 1848 and 1875?
Try our Index to Certificate of Discharge, Court of Insolvency, Melbourne.

Are you looking for equity suits brought before the Master in Equity in the Supreme Court between 1884 and 1922?
Try our Index to Companies and Miscellaneous Applications Files.

Are you looking for records from the Geelong Court of Insolvency between 1855 and 1857 and do you have the insolvents name and year of case?
Try our Index to Court of Insolvency Records (NB: partial access).

Are you looking for people who applied for the old age pension in North Melbourne between 1902 and 1908?
Try our Index to Court of Petty Sessions Register of Applications for Victorian old-age pension.

If you can’t find what you are looking for in these indexes, why not try one of our PROVguides for more information on the range of insolvency and civil court records.



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