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  1. Christmas at the bank

    As well as World War I Christmas cards, the State Bank of Victoria got into the spirit every year with ‘Christmas Club’ savings accounts. The State Bank maintained its own archives, which included business records, a photograph collection and an ‘ephemera’ collection, which is a treasure trove of the bank’s marketing materials.  These were transferred to Public Record Office Victoria when the State Bank was taken ov…

  2. Tell us what you think about your experience at PROV.

    …at, and your experience with our resources online. We would like to invite you – our readers – to help to create the new plan by suggesting ways in which we can tailor our services to ensure that we provide the best access for people from all walks of life. Over the past few years we have taken your feedback on board and have introduced some incredible programs into our services. These include: Conducting a series of  ‘English as a Second…

  3. Twelve months on from the Victorian floods

    …ng out of NASA. Just the sight of this enormous machine is enough to instil confidence when you have a boot-load of eskies full of frozen volumes and documents. Rosie’s vacuum freeze-drying process enables the drying of frozen paper without the water liquefying. Gas is released and extracted out of the chamber meaning that the frozen paper doesn’t get wet again whilst it dries out. All of the items taken to Steamatic for freeze-drying have now be…

  4. What’s New on the Wiki: Property, Possums and a Protector

    …a Street , Flemington by researcher Robbie Stockfeld and Albert Street, Sebastopol by Liz Denny.  Conservation of Leadbeater’s Possum  Who would have thought the history of the conservation of a possum could have so many interesting twists and turns? Taking on what he thought was a small project on the PROV Wiki, Dean Haywood’s research has snowballed and taken on a life of its own. This fascinating account of a possum ’ s rediscovery inclu…

  5. Update on Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

    The Royal Commission held its first day of hearings on 3 April 2012. The transcripts are available at The Senior Counsel Assisting, Ms Gail Furness SC, described the types of institutions that the Commission will be investigating.  These include (the text is taken verbatim from the draft transcript p13-14): residential care facilities such as orphanages, all re…

  6. Archives: An Alladin’s cave of treasures and secrets

    …disarray: Afghans, Indians, Malays, Albanians, Yugo-Slavs, Turks, Arabic-speakers from Egypt and elsewhere, and the Lebanese in the mid 1970s. As a first step I completed a survey from the 1890s to 1975. Finally, for the purposes of this book, I decided to focus on the men and watershed events from the 1890s to the 1940s. My own identity formed a piece of the tapestry: stories I’d heard as a child, faces remembered and taken for granted, argumen…

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