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  1. Captain MacMahon reports on plans for the defence of the Government Camp. VPRS 1189/P Unit 92, J54/12058

    This report, dated 27 October 1854, from Acting Chief Commissioner of Police Charles MacMahon for the information of Lieutenant Governor Hotham, discusses plans made with Captain John Thomas for the defence of the Government Camp. Following the riot at the Eureka hotel, and the later arrest of McIntyre, Westerby and Fletcher, the government was informed by its spies that some diggers planned to attack the Camp. MacMahon also recommends an &#…

  2. The Pope House, Williamstown:

    …36 perches. The purchaser, or Crown Grantee, was James Cain, who had arrived in Port Phillip from Launceston on the Tamar on 31 August 1840.[11] Cain paid the sum of two hundred pounds sterling for the land.[12] We know that Cain was a merchant, born in London in 1803 and that prior to his departure for Australia he was an associate of the merchant Robert Brooks of St Peter’s Chambers, Cornhill, London.[13] Information gleaned from the con…

  3. Editorial – Provenance 2009

    …ere. In ‘”The most determined, sustained diggers’ resistance campaign”: Chinese protests against the Victorian Government’s anti-Chinese legislation, 1855-1862′, the Chinese protests against unjust taxation during the gold rushes emerge from the numerous petitions that Victorian Chinese communities authored during this period with the aim of swaying government policy. In her accompanying forum article ‘Fi…

  4. La Trobe Correspondence Digitisation Project

    …or-in-Charge, who reported to officials in Sydney received separate instructions but were obliged to communicate the nature of their instructions and the measures they proposed to the Superintendent and to assist him in any way he required. In matters to do with the preservation of the peace or enforcement of convict discipline the Superintendent was entitled to call for assistance from the Military, but could not interfere in purely military mat…

  5. Tragedy at Ross Bridge – Irish Famine Orphans

    …d, was informed.  On arrival, Mr. McDonald found the hut ablaze and partially collapsed and was unable to locate the children.    He went to where Michael Murphy was minding sheep and, on return to the hut, found that the fire had died down and they were able to retrieve the bodies of the four children – still in their beds.   All this information can be found in the Witness Depositions for the Coroner’s Inquest into the deaths of the…

  6. PROVguide 29: Wills and Probate Records 1841 – 2009

    …and are available to order online and view within our reading room at North Melbourne. Access is available using the online Victorian Probate Index, with access to digitised wills and probate records free of charge through PROV’s online catalogue at  See the Accessing Wills and Probate Records web page for the current date range of records that can be accessed through PROV.  As a general rule, probate records cre…

  7. Police report on the killing of Martin Cherry

    VPRS 4965 Consignment P0 Unit 1 Item 9 Record 1 Document: Police report on the killing of Martin Cherry 06/07/1880 Overview This police report, written by Constable Bracken on the 6th of July 1880, is as interesting as it is important. Addressed to the Officer in Charge at Benalla, the report dispels the theory that […]

  8. Keith Conacher

    …ere is also a dilapidated old implement shed – the material in which might do for firewood. I value the whole of the “structures” – as for material – about £40. 2 dams in the depression, holding water. Value from £5-£10. The stock and domestic supply would be assured from the neighbouring channels of the Commission; but, as to the Irrigation of the land, the Register shows that the whole of the property is at present, excised from the Irrigation…

  9. Copying Fees Review

    WHAT DO YOU THINK? COPYING FEES REVIEW You may not know that the fees that PROV charges for providing copies of public records are set under the Public Records Act Regulations. These Regulations need to be remade every 10 years, and are next due for renewal in November 2013. Because fees are set by the […]

  10. Editorial – Provenance 2007

    …the colonisation of Victoria. This year we feature two more articles from La Trobe students who participated in the history honours program offered by PROV which offers students the opportunity to experience primary research into government records. Last year’s group of students focused on the 1880s and 1890s, and their research centred on capital case files. Alain Hosking looks at the sad case of John Hassett, a man imprisoned for the vio…

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