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Victorian Archives Centre public opening hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
(excl. public holidays)
The second and last Saturday of every month

We will be closing the Reading Room at 1:00pm on Fri 19 Dec, reopening Mon 22nd at 10:00 am

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What to archive? What not to archive? Share your views

We invite you to review and comment on the proposed Appraisal Statement for Public Records required as State Archives. This is your opportunity to tell us whether this statement will ensure that we collect and preserve the records which are important and valuable to Victorian people and communities, well into the future. This is in […]

International Council on Archives Congress in Brisbane, this August

We’re starting to countdown for a huge archival get together at the International Council on Archives (ICA) Congress in August 2012 and we want you to get on board. This is your opportunity to rub shoulders with the world’s top archivists and listen to keynote speakers who will fill your mind with extreme knowledge of […]

Why ICT Projects Fail

In November 2011 the Ombudsman (withVAGO) published a Report entitled “Own motion investigation into ICT-enabled projects[1]”  In summary five headline themes were identified that cause or significantly contribute to ICT project failure:  These were project: leadership, accountability and governance planning funding probity and procurement management. The Ombudsman’s  Report provides agencies with one set of key […]

A million here and a billion there – recordkeeping in the digital age

Everett Dirksen (if you are asking who, check out the ever useful Wikipedia[1]) might have said “A million here, a billion there and pretty soon your talking real records.”   You might want to look at a new book by James Gleick – The Flood. The flood of information humanity is now exposed to, presents […]

Structured Data – What portion of the data within a structured data source should be preserved?

One of the major work activities for the VERS program is focused on Structured Data.  Two PROV staff members; Andrew Waugh and David Fowler have undertaken some initial thinking, which is documented (in part) below. For PROV the long term goal of the Structured Data work program is to prepare standards, specifications, and guidelines on […]

Ned Kelly, His Head and Me

Senior Collections Advisor Charlie Farrugia writes about the most infamous character in our collection, and his role in the forthcoming SBS documentary Ned’s Head. This Sunday 4 December SBS will show a documentary titled Ned’s Head, which documents a team of forensic scientists at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine as they seek to identify […]

Archives: An Alladin’s cave of treasures and secrets

Hanifa Deen explored the wonderful world of archives and found an Alladin’s cave of treasures and secrets for her new book Ali Abdul v The King: Muslim Stories from the Dark Days of White Australia. Once upon a time ‘research’ was a word that intimidated the uninitiated because it was confined to universities, lecture halls […]

Correspondence file sheds new light on Victorian Inwards Passenger Lists

Access Services Officer Christine O’Donnell recently uncovered a correspondence file that could provide new leads for those hard-to-trace ancestors. Many researchers are unable to find evidence of their ancestors’ passage to Victoria as there are gaps in the Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) holdings of  Inwards Passenger Lists. VPRS 115 Inwards Correspondence [Immigration Branch] 1849-1852 […]

Hanifa Deen to launch National Family History Week at Victorian Archives Centre

The first week of August means National Family History Week! To celebrate, award-winning author Hanifa Deen will speak about her new book Ali Abdul v the King: Muslim stories from the dark days of White Australia at the launch of National Family History Week at the Victorian Archives Centre in North Melbourne. In Ali Abdul […]

A large balloon you say?

VPRS 777/PO Unit 7 Page 50Department of Meteorology Phenomena Report Correspondence Book IV There’s more to the collection of Public Record Office Victoria than wills and probate, shipping lists and inquests, as Agent 99 Lee Hooper writes. The interesting little article above was found pasted faithfully into the meteorological Phenomena Report Correspondence book number IV. […]

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