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Education Activities

Information for Teachers

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While students of all ages can benefit by using parts of this education resource, it is most suitable for students in Years 5 – 10 and VCE.

For example:

  • key elements of the story of the Chinese prisoners have been translated into Cantonese to support students studying that language
  • students investigating Victoria’s history will have the opportunity to find out about parts of our history that have been long hidden
  • the photographs provide an insight into some of the Chinese who came to Victoria between 1870 and 1900
  • students of art and photography will find them to be equally fascinating and informative.

Relevant Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) links:

The four Cantonese texts that are provided as part of this online resource can be used in LOTE classes to help students understand the contribution of Chinese people in nineteenth century Australia and some of the difficulties they faced in this new country where their culture, traditions, appearance and way of life were so different to people used to seeing things through European eyes.

Students at Levels 1 – 4 could also be asked to identify features and items in these photographs using Cantonese words to describe them orally and perhaps later to write Chinese characters to label these photographs and their features.

Teachers will find the texts most suitable for students in levels 4 to 6, though some students in Level 3 may be able to read and discuss these texts too.

Additional Resources

Culture Victoria aims to deliver access to Victorian cultural collections through:

  • stories that showcase the richness and diversity of Victoria
  • a collections search across the websites and databases of Victorian collecting organisations
  • information on over 700 places in Victoria the hold publicly accessible collections

      e.g. Dreams of Jade and Gold

Trove is a discovery experience focused on Australia and Australians. It supplements what search engines provide by returning results across a broad range of media including books, maps, photographs, newspapers, videos, music, journals, articles, archived websites, and datasets.

      e.g. search result for ‘chinese goldfield’


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