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Lucy: A private life revealed through public records

PROV, VPRS 14/P0 Register of Assisted Immigrants from the United Kingdom [use microfiche VPRS 3502], 1839-71, unit 16, book 12, folio 56

Lucy Bell

PROV, VPRS 625/P0 Land Selection Files, sections 19 and 20, unit 78, item 4127/19.20

Lucy Singer

PROV, VPRS 28/P0 Probate and Administration Files, unit 169, item 14/493

John Singer’s Estate

Lucy Singer married Peter Campbell at the Presbyterian Church in Buninyong, on 28 July 1874. Marriage certificate. Reproduced with kind permission from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria

Lucy Campbell

PROV, VPRS 24/P0 Inquest Deposition Files, unit 478, item 1885/145

Lucy’s Death

The waterhole near the Campbell family home. Courtesy of Campbell family photographic collection


VPRS 625/P0 Land Selection Files, sections 19 and 20, unit 78, item 4127/19.20



Lucy Sarah Bell’s story is representative of many nineteenth-century women. A farmer’s wife, and mother to several children, Lucy did not lead a public life. We do not even have a photograph of her. Yet we can re-tell Lucy’s story because she, like other ordinary people, used and relied on the services of government. Evidence of this interaction is richly documented at Public Record Office Victoria (PROV).

Public records provide the raw material for many researchers of family and local histories. Lucy’s story, as presented here, draws on many commonly used PROV records, and serves as an example of family and local history research.

Grateful acknowledgement is made to the donors of material for reproduction in this exhibition, listed on the Sources page. In particular we thank Mr Tony Leviston and Mrs Eleanor George, descendants of Lucy, for their assistance, and Anne Beggs-Sunter and the Buninyong and District Historical Society. The PROV staff who compiled the material are: Louisa Scott, Joan Hunt, Colin Kemp, Daniel Wilksch, Diane Gardiner, Sebastian Gurciullo, and Kyle Young.


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