Author: Government recordkeeping

After an extensive review, PROV has commenced a Disposal Remodelling Project to deliver new streamlined processes for authorising the disposal of public records.  Thirty-two recommendations have been developed to transition the disposal program over the next 2-3 years.

Existing RDAs including PROS 09/05 Retention and Disposal Authority for Local Government Functions and PROS 07/01 General Retention and Disposal Authority for Common Administrative Functions will remain in place.

Under the new disposal regime there will be greater use of general disposal authorities based around broad functions, there will no longer be a requirement for each agency to have its own specific RDA unless it meets certain criteria around archival significance and risk.  Further advice guidance to assess significance and risk will be made available during 2014. We are also looking at establishing an approach to expand existing RDAs to cover agencies that perform similar functions.

The RDA development process will also change. During 2014 PROV plans to implement an online web based application, known as ORDA to enable government agency staff, and records consultants working with government agencies, to draft and submit Retention and Disposal Authorities to PROV online.

While the Disposal Remodelling Project is underway, agencies with RDAs expiring during this period, will be granted an extension of the expiry date until project completion in 2016 to maintain disposal coverage and to reduce administrative burden.

During transition the RDA program has been minimised so that resources can work on the recommendations and new agency specific RDA projects for agencies have been put on hold.

See the Findings and Recommendations Report and Implementation Schedule for further details.