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Author: Kate Follington

How do I research a person's name on the new website?

We are excited to officially launch our new website. The website aims to make navigating and researching the State's archival collection easier for everyone. Simply click on Explore The Collection if you’re looking for a common topic of research, or type a keyword into the search bar available at the top of every page. If you know a name, or a topic you’d like to research, then this simple search is a good place to start. Click on the image below to see a short instructional video.

How do I research a topic?

Often with archival research people’s names haven’t been copied from the records yet, so you may have to research by subject instead, and then order the records to view them in person, or if you live overseas you may have to order a photocopy.  Take a look at our Topic Page to begin your research.

Our Topic Page highlights popular series of records often requested from the collection.  On the topic pages you will find handy links to the more popular series of records, and simple instructions on how to research them. If you are looking for our old PROV guides, they have been replaced by these topic pages. Watch this video below to understand how they work.


I know the item number!

Already know the item number and would like to find the item directly in the catalogue? This is also easy on the new website. You will need to know the series number or series name to isolate your search, and get the best results. Watch this video instruction to learn how.


If you have any specific questions that I have not addressed here, then head over to our Frequently Asked Question page, chances are we will have answered your question there. Enjoy! and if you have any feedback, please let us know.

From the web team at PROV!