Author: David Brown

Image and Data Magazine reports Gartner research identifying that “the most difficult aspect of email management is establishing and enforcing email retention policies.” The research discusses PST (what’s PST?  Our friends at Wikipedia describe PST Personal Storage Table as “an open, proprietary file format used to store messages, calendar events, and other items within Microsoft software”), which are not exactly the same as individual email messages, but are close enough to demonstrate issues around size and management. 

GB                                 People

35,000                            Total for Organisation of 10,000 employees

25,000                            Current employees

10,000                            Past employees

5,000                              No owner/orphaned


Another interesting bit of information is from a website I came across, mkomo, who makes an attempt to graph the cost of storage


A graph showing a downward slop from 1 million dollars in 1980 to 10 cents in 2010

Putting these things together some truths are clear:

  • storage really is cheap
  • volumes of data really are huge
  • cheaper storage is not the solution to effective management of content as valuable asset.


David Brown, Assistant Director, Government Services, Public Record Office Victoria.