Author: Government recordkeeping

A new Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA) is now available, PROS 16/06 RDA for Records of the Standard Setting and Organisational Performance Monitoring Functions

Agencies are encouraged to consider this new RDA for use as it may partially or fully eliminate the need for your agency to develop an agency or function specific RDA, reducing cost and effort.

The new RDA was developed to meet an objective of the PROV Disposal Remodelling Program which is to issue disposal authorities that can be used in multiple settings whenever possible. This RDA was commissioned by the Victorian Public Sector Commission to authorise disposal of its records. However the content has been phrased to remove agency and/or function limits so that its scope can be extended over time to include other agencies that develop standards/codes and monitor performance against the codes, a very common activity of government.

Your agency can apply to PROV for inclusion within the scope of PROS 16/06 by demonstrating its validity to your agency environment. Once your agency is included formally in scope, PROS 16/06 can be used to authorise disposal of your records.

PROS 16/06 is to be used in conjunction with PROS 07/01 Common Administrative Functions RDA and your agency/function specific RDA (if applicable).

Please contact us if you require further information about this RDA.